Helpful Tips to Create a Paperless Office

For a long time, businesses had maintained all their important files and documents in huge rooms of their offices and even homes. They had to label all the files and keep track of what is kept where. It was really a tiring and monotonous job. An excessive amount of time, as well as money, was wasted in managing the papers and files manually. In the worst scenarios, businesses dependent on papers had even ended in the past because of natural disasters and accidents.  

But, thankfully, time is changing now. With the discovery of computers and advancement in technology, businesses are moving to paperless offices. People have realized that paper is an inefficient way to manage information. So, they have moved their physical documents to electronic document management systems. This has further reduced the chance of data loss to a great extent.

So, probing further let’s learn how you can create a paperless office.

  1. Provide proper training and tools to staff – Your employees will not minimize the usage of paper on their own. You have to provide appropriate guidelines and instructions that they can follow. Also, explain to them the benefits of making a paperless office. Show them the case studies of the businesses who have reached another level of success of going paperless. Your employees are a crucial part of your company, so motivate them to bring innovative ideas to go paperless. Tell them how the growth of the company will lead to their success too.
  • Remove printers – You have to make your team get rid of the habit of using paper and printer every other time. For that, remove all the printers from your office. Still, if your business cannot work without a printer, then have only one printer that will be used in case of emergency. Moreover, track its usage to address misuse if any. Also, ask all your employees to make notes on their laptops and phones, instead of reaching for the paper. These tasks may sound small but can contribute a lot toward saving paper.
  • Invest in document management software – It is the best way to create a paperless environment. The electronic document management software will replace all your filing cabinets. It can be used to manage and access thousands and millions of documents easily. However, with different software available, it becomes difficult to choose the one that is perfect as per your business requirements. You have to analyze the needs and size of your company. Additionally, you have to determine how much data is processed in your organization daily.

If you are looking for a reliable suggestion, then go for Filehold Electronic Document Management System. It is excellent software and comes with the below-mentioned features –

  • Audit logging and tracking
  • User roles and security
  • Document linking
  • Document scanning and imaging
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Workflow
  • FastFind
  • Searching
  • Version controls and many more…

Moreover, the best thing is that Filehold is easy to use software and is an ideal choice to transform your organization into a paperless office.

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