Here’s What Your Bathroom Needs To Look Good Again

A Castle-Style bathroom can be a great way to update your home with a modern look and feel. There are plenty of considerations that need to be made when designing a bathroom. Remodeling any part of your house is more than just embracing a new and voguish appearance. A new fixation or any other requirement calls for a renovation. This article is a walkthrough to making your bathrooms feel right and pleasant. 

Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Bathrooms

You can surely design your bathrooms at your will while keeping certain aspects in mind. From the tiles you choose to the fittings you use, everything needs to be carefully considered and executed accordingly. Your budget and the type of bathroom you want to renovate will also play a big role in the decision-making process.                     


There are many options out on the table for the kind of flooring you want to use. When choosing the floor, you need to keep in mind that the kind of floors you install for your bathrooms need to be different from those you would install for your living room or other places.


Different types of layouts are determined based on the space that you are willing to give up for bathrooms. Whether you give up lots of areas or make it small enough to get it crammed with everything, all of these depend on how well you manage to optimize the space. The different kinds of layouts are–

  • Full bathroom with a walk-in shower.
  • Three-quarter bathroom with a shower and a sink area.
  • Half bathroom with just a sink and toilet.
  • Quarter bathroom with only one bathroom component.


Make room for natural light to supplement artificial illumination. Light the sink, shower, and tub regions evenly. Let in a diverse mix of light sources on distinct switches to control what and when to turn on.


Shower: Since storage in bathrooms is generally limited, a few adjustments in the layout and fixtures are a must. A shower niche, which is a raised shelf installed within your shower wall that is used to keep toiletries and other items, is essential. A built-in shower seat that has room for shampoo and conditioner bottles is also a good addition.

Vanity: An attached or freestanding vanity is a great appendage to any bathroom. Choose a vanity that will cope with your current plumbing if you are on a restricted budget. The core function of this should be storage, however, it can be utilized to accentuate the design effectively.

Walls: The walls of your bathroom can be a source of inspiration for your bathroom remodel. You can use floating shelves, towel racks, linen closets, and the like to make storing all the better. You can complement these accessories with the design of your bathroom.


It is necessary to plan and settle on a budget that will suit the construction of your house. There are plenty of options to choose from that will suit your economic estimation.

Shower Fittings

There are many kinds of shower fittings present to elevate your bathing experience. Some of the types of fittings you might want to consider are–

  • Detachable, Adjustable Shower Heads
  • Water-Saving Shower Heads
  • Rain Showers
  • High-Pressure Shower Heads
  • Double Shower Heads
  • Outdoor Shower Heads
  • Waterfall Shower
  • Filtered Shower Head

Invest in the best bathroom renovation services and discover a new sense of luxury.

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