10 Strategies for Increasing Visibility on Instagram

Everyone wants to be seen. In the fight for our attention, companies and individuals try a million different ways to get their faces in front of us. Some are obvious, some not so much. If you’re looking for Instagram success there is no better place to start than visibility. Visibility on Instagram equals popularity equals exposure which equals opportunity which finally equals success. Moreover, you can also visit Boost Social Media for this purpose. It will surely be worthy enough.

Our goal is to increase your Instagram following so you can turn it into influence and finally money. There are too many other articles about how to get followers on Instagram (my favorite is the one where they say “be good at taking photos” go here) because that’s easy. Getting people to follow you enough times that they actually engage with your content is much harder.

The following are the best ways to increase Instagram visibility, ranked by effectiveness. Think of it as an influencer’s guide to getting rich on Instagram without actually creating any good content.

Be Good at Taking Photos

I mean come on…you can’t say this enough. If you’re not good at taking photos, learn. If you are good at taking photos then just keep doing that.

Best Instagram Hashtags for Likes and Follows

#love #instagood #photooftheday #fashion #beautiful #cute #happy #me #tbt (throwback Thursday) 

#instamood  (people seem to really like this one)

#tagsforlikes  (pretty self-explanatory)

Best Time to Post on Instagram for Maximum Visibility

Weekday mornings are best . Saturdays are the worst. So basically Monday through Friday at 6 am is where you want to be if you’re serious about getting visibility on Instagram. Curiously, Sunday is in the middle of the pack.

Where to Post on Instagram for Maximum Visibility

I’m going to suggest a very specific spot on your Instagram account and I want you to really pay attention here. The best place to post if you’re looking for lots of likes and follows is between two photos that get great engagement already. So basically you want to post after a photo that everyone loved and before another one.

Also, it’s better if the two photos are of very different contexts. For example, A photo of your feet licking a chocolate cake would do well right next to a shot of you standing by a Lamborghini. The contrast will be funny and people will be intrigued.

Make Your Instagram Photos Square

Whether you’re applying filters to your shots or just taking them naturally, make sure they’re square. This is because Instagram’s grid layout takes up more space in the center than it does on the sides. For this reason, square photos are much better at grabbing attention than long vertical ones that run along the side of your grid.

Epic Hashtags

Words like “photo”, “camera”, and “art” receive tons of engagement on Instagram. At least one epic hashtag is necessary if you want to get attention on Instagram- use them all for best results.

Swipe Up for More Visibility

Swiping up gives you 15 more characters to work with. Make this text count because it’s more significant than you think it is.

Do Not Post Photos of Your Face

Before I say why let me just say that selfies are bad on Instagram for a million reasons . They’re repetitive, people don’t like them and there’s no artistry involved (unless you’re taking the picture of yourself with some very expensive camera equipment).

Now, onto why posting photos of your face is bad for visibility. Firstly, there are already tons of famous people on Instagram (most Hollywood celebrities have 15 million followers) so you can’t really stand out that way. Secondly, taking a photo of yourself is like taking a selfie which we already know is terrible .

Most Popular Topics for Instagram Posts

Vacation photos, food shots during meals with friends, and workout videos are all great. But the best type of photo for maximum visibility on Instagram is one where you’re wearing something trendy or relevant to a current trend.

Instagram Stories  are Hugely Important (Don’t Pass This Up)

Many people see Instagram stories as a place where you post the types of content that wouldn’t do well on your main feed. However, these videos and images actually get more engagement than anything else. Don’t neglect this space- Instagram Stories are critical to visibility! Lastly… Make sure that if your goal is increasing Instagram followers, you also have a good Instagram bio. Here’s how to do it .

Okay, now go out and make your Insta account the best it can be.

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