3 Things You Need To Know Before Installing iOS 15 Beta On Your iPhone

iOS 15 beta on iPhone: 3 things you absolutely need to know before you  install - CNET

Nowadays, everyone is talking about the Latest Technology News, which is the new iOS 15 update. As soon as Apple announced the iOS 15 beta upgrade, all the users got too excited to install it. This software will be running on millions of iPhones and iPads in no time. The installation process takes a couple of clicks on the screen, and you can also go back to iOS 14 at any time, but before jumping on the bandwagon, there are some things that you must keep in your mind. New versions and upgrades excite us like nothing else, but we advise you to pause and be prepared, especially if you have a single iPhone or iPad. 

Certain things are off-putting and may cause inconveniences, such as bugs, poor battery life, and broken apps. You are sure to experience at least one of these problems after you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 15 beta. So, before installing it on your primary device, keep reading till the end so you don’t miss out on anything that could be problematic for you.

  1. iOS Bugs Can Be Too Annoying

The reason why 15 beta has ‘beta’ in its name is that it is unfinished; hence, there are bound to be some issues. Here’s an example: the second beta version of iOS 14.7 had an issue that some phones had trouble recognising the SIM card in the phone. Similarly, these bugs can surely pop up in iOS 15, so you need to be careful about that. Although these bugs won’t be too big to stop you from using your gadgets altogether, they will still be annoying and can delay your work. 

  1. Some Apps Might Not Work

Every time Apple has made significant changes to their operating systems and underlying APIs that developers use for building new features, consequently, older tools get removed, and the dynamics get changed. This means that even slight changes can cause some apps to no longer be functional at all. Therefore, you must keep in mind that some of your favourite apps might not work after the upgrade. Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes beta 1 may work fine for all your apps, but that does not necessarily mean they will work on beta 3 as well. To conclude, if there are certain apps that you rely on daily, it’s advisable to wait until the official release of iOS 15 instead of upgrading to the beta version.

  1. Battery Life Might Suffer

If you are safe from bugs and your apps still function correctly, there is a high chance that your battery life will suffer from the iOS beta upgrade. Usually, the supposed changes with beta upgrades are that apps will get optimised, and features will be more efficient along with the battery. What happens, in reality, is that the users often report running for chargers halfway through the day, and that too with minimal use! In recent times, however, Apple has released a battery case of its current generation iPhones that have been truly helpful. This year the company is yet to release something similar for the iPhone 12 range.

With that said, these are a couple of things that you need to be wary of before you jump on installing the beta upgrade. Experts advise the users to wait until the official launch because by that time, the upgrade will have been tried and tested for regular use, and all the bugs will be fixed. 

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