4 Best Real Estate Apps For Your Android Phone

There is no country in this world without properties. Your home is the only shelter whose price can never be measured. People can’t live without a proper home. That’s why this Real Estate business is popular. In every country, this Real Estate business is successful because a home or office is the need of every person. When this Real Estate is the need of every person, countless investors are involved in this business.

Your entire Real Estate calculations can never be counted on your fingers. Most investors use calculators on their smartphones to measure their investments and profits outside their offices. So when you measure the profit on your smartphone’s calculator, why don’t you use your smartphone for using some powerful Real Estate apps?

Numerous developers have developed Real Estate related apps that investors use. Those apps can help a lot if you know how to use them. When there are endless apps in the market, it’s difficult for you to identify the perfect one. So this article will state the 4 Best Real Estate Apps For Your Android Phone. You will never need any other app when you have these apps installed on your smartphone. If you are an investor, buyer, seller, or renter, you can use these apps and benefit greatly.

4 Best Real Estate Apps For Your Android Phone

We’re about to reveal the 4 apps you can install on your smartphone to find the best news related to Real Estate.

  1. Zillow (Best For Every Work)
  2. Trulia (Best For Home Values)
  3. Realtor (Best For Rentals)
  4. Xome Auctions (Best For Auctions)

These 4 apps have their work to do. Some apps are good for measuring rental profits, and others for finding commercial properties. We’ll review every app to make it easier for you to understand the whole process.


Zillow is the first app on our list with massive features for every type of work. Zillow is a famous Real Estate website people use to see the property listing. It operates in almost every state of the USA and lists the best properties with fair price ranges. The property owner lists every single detail in the description Zillow provides. This platform was founded in 2004, and now, it carries the best features. Finding the properties within your areas is easy on Zillow.

Zillow has also launched its Android App, which helps smartphone users see the properties. Using Zillow on the desktop was easy, but using its Android App is even easier on your smartphone because the developers have made a user-friendly interface. Investors or purchasers can easily use this app to find the best investment or rental targets.


The 2nd app on our list is Trulia. If you want to invest in properties where the rates can increase in the future, then Trula is the best app for this work. Trulia shares news from confirmed sources and shares the buildings whose value can increase. The listings and predictions provided by Trulia are accurate. Trulia has created its app, and smartphone users can use it to find the best investment targets useful in the future.

If holding money in any property and waiting for that property to provide profits of millions of dollars is your quest, then Trulia can help you fulfill your quest because it lists the best properties. The areas and lands that Trulia covers are outstanding, and most of the time, the rates increase. Skip Tracers also provide this prediction, but using the Skip Tracing Services isn’t recommended when you don’t have extra money. You can use Trulia to get the best targets and earn maximum profit.


If making money through rental properties is your need, then Realtors can help you land the best clients. People use Realtors to find renters willing to pay well in return for a good place. I have seen many tourists using Realtor because it lists the best rental places tourists can enjoy. Tourism is supported well through this Realtor app. The website’s owners have decided to launch Realtor’s app to help investors find the best investment targets.

People use this app to find the best rental properties, but investors also use it. Investors commonly rent properties for a long time and earn money through rent. So investors and renters can use this app to find the best rental properties. Students also use the Realtor app to find properties near their universities and colleges. So every type of rental business can be performed on this Realtor app. You need to learn how to use the process. This time, we’d suggest going with ATOZ APK for downloading and installing this app. ATOZ APK has also shared some other Real Estate apps with complete information.

Xome Auctions

If you want to buy a property with the best bidding, then Xome Auctions is the fit app for this work. People who sell property get good rates because of the high competition. If your property is in the right place where investors demand it, you should only list it on Xome Auctions. I have seen many people using this Xome Auction to find the best investors for profit.

The bidding process is outstanding. A person willing to sell his property at a lower price gets more money on Xome Auctions because multiple investors reach him through Xome Auctions. So for selling or buying a cheap property, Xome Auctions stands best in the crowd. If the property is good, it’s impossible to buy at a cheap price because multiple investors get involved through Xome Auctions.

Final Words

So these are the 4 Best Real Estate Apps you can use on your Android Phone. If you have a smartphone supporting the Android Version and are involved in Real Estate, don’t install any other app. These 4 apps can help you find whatever you want. Big investors and Wholesalers use these apps to find the best properties and close deals. Wholesalers close deals through contract signing and flipping, whereas investors use multiple techniques like renting a property or fixing a property’s items and flipping it for more profit. These 4 apps are involved in all this work.

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