4 correct ways to use “child seats” for cars

For people with children in the family, child seats are a must, but unexpectedly many families do not use them correctly.

Bringing a child should have a safe and happy driving life. Let us learn the correct use of the child seat together. 

It can also be said that it is a child seat that masters the “lifeblood” ~ 90% of households use the wrong seat for its installation method!

Considering that the personal safety of children comes first, families with cars are obliged to assemble child seats. Before buying seats for children, read our buying guide for car seats in trucks.

If the child is not securely fixed on the seat, the worst case is that the child’s life may be endangered

Before a problem occurs, let us learn the correct installation method again~

According to the provisions of the Japanese Road Safety Law, Children under the age of 6 are obliged to use child seats.

Although the usage rate of child seats is increasing every year, according to the JAF (Japan Auto Federation) survey, it is learned that nearly 90% of the users are There are some errors during installation…

About half of the people make mistakes in the installation steps, but about 40% are because the child’s way of riding is incorrect!

I’m going to introduce now, 4 correct usage methods that can immediately improve the status quo

The correct installation method of a child seat “Securely fix it on the seat!”

In the correct child seat installation process, the first thing to confirm is whether the safety seat is firmly fixed on the seat ☆

If it is a child seat fixed with a safety belt, put it on the car seat and let the child seat It appears as if it is stuck in a car seat (point), and then it is tightly fixed.

During the fixation, although there will be a chest seat belt and a waist seat belt at the same time, special attention should be paid to allowing the seat belt to pass under the child seat, because it is often the case that the waist belt is not fully tied.

If this part is loose, the child will lean forward with the seat during emergency braking, so you need to pay attention here ☆ Without

excessively pulling on the surface, buckle the seat belt as much as possible to the point.

The correct installation method of the child seat “If it is a baby, it must be installed backwards!”

If the seat is a baby, the child seat must be installed backwards.

For babies whose bones are not fully developed, install the seat backwards to disperse the impact from the front of the car from head to back. (Important)

Do not put any burden on the neck, and adjusting the angle of the backrest to 45 degrees is the key☆

The correct installation method of the child seat ③ “Sit up straight before installing it!”

Although it was mentioned before that the child seat needs to be installed backwards during the infant period, but when the child can sit upright independently, it can be installed forwards.

But after you can install the child seat forward, you need to be more careful~

The correct installation method of the child seat ④ “Pay attention to the tightness of the shoulder belt!”

After the child seat can be installed forward, the most important thing to pay attention to is “the tightness of the shoulder belt” ☆

According to a survey by the Japanese Consumer Agency, a child around 1 year old was injured when he was detached from the child seat due to an impact. Naked chin, or falling out of the car when opening the door…etc. There are many accidents like this.

In order to avoid such an accident, it is necessary to keep a distance of 1 to 2 fingers between the shoulder belt and the body. It is very important to fasten it properly!

“Because the child doesn’t like it,” he made the shoulder straps looser. No matter how long it takes, he won’t get used to it!

Explain to your children “why you must use a child seat” and securely fasten the shoulder belt. Parents should take it to heart!


There are many people who feel that “it’s okay if you have a child seat installed.” There are many accidents.

In fact , there are many people who have accidents because of the incorrect use of the installed seat. So take this opportunity to learn how to get it right. How to install the child seat♡

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