4 Different Types of Website Design To Choose From

Trying to grow your business faster without a website is just trying to cook without fuel. And a website without traffic is just like a vehicle without a driver. Therefore, a properly developed website with appropriate design is crucial for the fast and steady growth of a business. The reason is that a website plays a crucial role in providing the audience with a brief description of your business, product, or services. It serves 24/7 to attract or engage the customer towards your products. Moreover, it also helps to create trusting relationships with the audience or customers by providing them proof of your credibility in the form of customer feedback, or reviews. 

To build an effective website it’s not enough to know only how to build a website but it’s also crucial to know what type of design will create a great impact on the visitors. Therefore, often people feel confused to select a design for website building and hire the services of top web design companies in NYC. It helps to create a website with effective design, easy-to-read font style, and navigations to assist the visitors. 

Here are the top website designs to select from 

Static Website 

As indicated by the name a static website design is all about pre-set layouts or dimensions of the page. Regardless of the type of the device a static website gives the same results. It takes very less time and expenses to build. All you need to build a static website is to create layout pages and set the dimensions and arrange them. 

This is the era of smartphones and everyone desires to perform most of the tasks through their mobile apps. But this type of website design is easy to create but it does not provide a better user experience on smartphone devices or mobile phones. It requires a separate version to operate on android devices. If you are short of budget or not interested in building a separate version for android devices then this type of website design is not a wise choice for you. 

Fluid Design Website 

Fluid or liquid website design is opposed to static website design. And it can adjust with all types of devices or the width of the screen. It’s quite easy to set up and there is no risk of cutting off any information. 

An effective website’s main goal is to provide users with ease, comfort, and attractive stuff to drive their attention and enhance their engagement at various points. But the major drawback of using a fluid design website is to put your customers’ services at risk. The reason is that when the layout expands or shrinks to adjust with the device width it affects the readability. And make it difficult for the users to get information. Therefore, they were left with no choice but to jump to another website. And it costs in the decline of traffic to your website that ultimately affects your SEO ranking. 

Adaptive Design Website 

It’s quite similar to a fluid design website as it can adjust according to the width of the device. It works with CSS parameters to read the device size and then shift the layout size to the device size for providing effective services to the customers regardless of the type of the device. 

Adoptive websites are easy to set up but it often results in space-related issues. Moreover, it does not respond effectively to multiple devices. 

Responsive Website Design 

One of the most famous and effective choices to make a killer website is responsive design. It provides an excellent user experience across all types of devices and browsers. The reason is that they can change their layout width according to the device without damaging the quality or readability of the content. 

It’s easy to start creating something simple or small and then expand to a higher level. Responsive websites work on the same principle. Unlike all other website designs, it is first created for the Android phone. And then expand to the higher level to provide outstanding user experience in all types of devices. However, it takes more time to set up or develop than all other types. But often entrepreneurs prefer to select it due to its extreme level of proficiency.  

Final Thoughts 

The design of a website plays a crucial role to make your website more or less effective for your organization or company. Therefore, it requires a professional approach to select an appropriate design for your website. Make sure to take the services of a reputable or reliable and professional website designer to reap fruitful results. 

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