4 Pieces of Advice for Moving to a Big City

Canadians and Americans are moving back into larger cities.  Whether it’s your first time venturing into an area so densely populated or you grew up there and are returning: city living can be overwhelming!  There are certain social behaviors you have to know, areas you need to learn about, and of course, incredible people that will become friends and coworkers in the future.  Cities don’t have to be scary just because they’re vast- here are four pieces of advice for anyone moving into a big city.

Don’t Live Alone

This suggestion may surprise some people, but it’s advice that will completely change how you experience the city.  If you’re moving there with your family or with friends, this doesn’t apply to you!  For at least the first six months of living in a city, consider having a roommate or two.  It may take a learning curve to get used to living with other people, but it’s worth it!  Cities are more expensive, and having other people to share the cost with is beyond helpful.  Also, experiencing new places is easier if you’re not alone!  Being with someone else will help push you out of your comfort zone and into areas you wouldn’t have explored alone.

Immerse Yourself In Local Markets

You may feel tempted to go to typical shops and restaurants available to you where you used to live, but you have to set that aside.  You didn’t look at homes for sale in Toronto so that you could still live like you’re in a small town.  If you’re not sure about taking on too much too fast, consider trying one new place a week.  

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Lost.

Getting lost these days is more challenging than ever since we walk around with GPS in our pockets at all times.  It can be a good idea to get ‘lost’ for some time, though!  If you have a free day, drive around the city, or take public transit, until you’re in an area you’re unfamiliar with.  From there, take your time finding your way home.  You can use your GPS, but being lost helps your brain solve and figure out familiar paths and street names.  This idea may sound scary, but as long as you’re patient and aware of your surroundings, it can be fun!

Make It Your Own Home

Let yourself make your new house into a comfortable home.  Don’t try to update your tastes and styles with the move; you should be able to hold onto the things that make you comfortable and happy for a little longer.  Instead, you can gradually incorporate stuff you find in the city until your two worlds are combined.  Many people think they have to reinvent themselves every time they move, starting new diets, new fashion styles, and new attitudes, but this can shellshock your mind and body.  Take your time to ease into the move, and it wouldn’t feel as bizarre or uncomfortable.  A city can be an incredible place to live; you have to focus and make it the home you want.

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