5 Awesome ideas to get unique and attractive paper boxes

Products need to have the best packaging which is perfect for their requirements. This is because the packaging is usually the first thing that will be seen by shoppers of your merchandise. If you want to give a good impression it is necessary to concentrate on getting the best. There are many types of packaging available. You can also get different packaging materials. Paper boxes are a popular option here.

Importance of paper boxes

If you can design paper packaging in an effective way it can stand out in front of the competition and allure the target audience towards the product. The boxes can help increase sales in this way when the item gets noticed.

The packaging can also protect the product and make it reach consumers in the best of shape.

The following gives you 5 ideas to get amazing paper boxes wholesale:

Know who you want to attract

You need to know who the consumer base is if you want to make paper custom boxes that will appeal to them. Find out what your customers want from packaging and what they will be drawn towards. You need to attract these people towards the product if you want sales to increase.

You will have to do some research that finds out the age range, gender, geographical location, shopping habits of your customers. The packaging can then be designed with colors, images, etc. that these people will notice.

For example, if your customers are mostly kids you will try and focus on making packaging fun, exciting, playful. You can include images of popular cartoon characters on it as this is what kids like.

If you have made a product for men like perfume, the packaging design can be strong, masculine, powerful looking.

Include necessary details about the product

You should use paper packaging to help shoppers know about what you are selling. The boxes can behave like a sales representative in this way.

It is important to find out what details to include on the box that are interesting and which will be read. When too much information is added, it makes the box look stressful. Not many people will even bother reading this stuff.  When someone looks at the packings they must immediately know what the item is.

The details should be added in a good font. It can match the overall design theme that you have used. Select its size and color carefully. You do not want to confuse customers in any way.

If you are for instance selling cereal you can tell what the ingredients and nutritional information are. The flavor, manufacturing and expiry date, warnings, weight, etc. may be included on paper boxes wholesale.

Market your product

It is possible to employ paper boxes so that they market and advertise your product. For this, it is important that packaging be noticed. When it is seen you can encourage people to want to try out the product by stating why it is better than the competition.

It is important to be truthful here and include those points that are valid. For example, if you are selling a dermatologically-tested skincare product, let potential customers know about this.

Some people are encouraged to buy a product if it has a good ingredient. If your skincare item has an ingredient that is amazing for skin, tell customers this and include a scientific proof with it.

Sometimes a business has deals and discounts. These also make people want to get a product as they think there is some benefit in doing so. You may have seen the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” deal for instance. Include this on packaging as well.

Increase brand awareness

All brands want to get themselves known and established in the market. There is much competition and it is necessary to be able to stand out in front of this and be seen as a professional business. You should try and increase brand awareness.

You can use paper packaging to do this when a logo is included on the box. The logo should be one that can get easily noticed. When people see it on the packaging they will get an idea of which products are from your business.

It should be simple for consumers to contact you if they want to buy more products or if they have any questions. Give the contact details of the brand on the box. This will be the physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, website, etc.

Size and shape

It is important to focus on getting the right size and shape paper boxes wholesale. If you do this you can help ensure the safety of the product within and you can also save money.

When a box is too big, the product can move around inside. It can get damaged like this. The brand will also be spending more money on packaging material and transportation of the boxes. This cost can be avoided when you get the right size box.

When packaging is too small it can congest the product inside. It can also break and so expose the item to harm.

You can get unique-shaped boxes so that the box can stand out. But you should choose a shape that will not negatively impact your product in any way. The shape should be simple to put on a store shelf.

When you know how to design custom cardboard boxes in an attractive and eye-catching way, they can help your brand by increasing sales. You should do your research carefully so that you know who your target audience is and what the product needs from packaging. It is then possible to make boxes that will be perfect for both of these. You can give an amazing experience to customers like this as well.

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