5 Hidden Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repair Scarborough

A home’s air conditioner failing to work is not the only sign that you need urgent Air Conditioning Repair Scarborough. A residential air conditioner might seem to be functioning optimally, even circulating cool air around your home, but still be in urgent need of repairs. To ensure you don’t face a sudden and unexpected shutdown of your home’s Air Conditioning, consider these 5 hidden signs that your home needs Air Conditioning Repair Scarborough.

1. Odd Sounds Mean Needed Air Conditioning Repair Scarborough

Homeowners often overlook odd sounds from their home’s HVAC system, perhaps assuming that those sounds are just normal for an older unit. However, if you hear grinding or squealing sounds when your Air Conditioning unit cycles on, it’s time for air conditioning repair service! Grinding often indicates broken parts while squealing typically means the bearings are worn and need replacing.

Thumping sounds from an air conditioner also often means that you need Air Conditioning Repair Scarborough, often to change a broken or worn part. Banging behind the walls might indicate damage to the home’s ductwork, which then needs repairs.

2. Don’t Overlook Odd Smells for Air Conditioning Repair Scarborough!

Your home might need Air Conditioning Repair Scarborough when you notice odd smells emanating from the home’s ductwork as the air conditioner cycles on. Burning smells might indicate broken or worn parts while musty odors often signal a blocked drain hose and resultant mold or mildew.

3. The Home Is Overly Cold or Clammy

Many homeowners fail to realize that an overly cold or a cold and clammy home is not a good thing! If your home gets too cold before the Air Conditioning cycles off, it might not be reading the home’s interior temperature properly or otherwise receiving signals of when to switch off. Proper Air Conditioning Repair Scarborough can address needed fixes to the thermostat, wiring, or other parts.

If your home is not necessarily overly cold but feels humid or clammy, the air conditioner might be cycling off too quickly, before it can remove humidity from the space. This also signals needed Air Conditioning Repair Scarborough, so that the home’s interior is cool and comfortable and not humid!

4. Spikes in Utility Costs Might Indicate Needed Air Conditioning Repair Scarborough

When a home’s Air Conditioning unit is struggling to work properly, it often draws added electricity in order to force certain parts to function. In turn, you might see a sudden spike in your utility bills that you cannot explain by way of a rate hike or any other reason.

In some cases, poor insulation or cracks around doors and windows might be letting out cool air so that the air conditioner works harder during summertime, raising those costs. However, if your home has relatively good interior insulation, a sudden increase in your cooling costs might mean it’s time to call HVAC companies in Scarborough for needed Air Conditioning Repair.

5. Tripped Circuits Often Mean Needed Air Conditioning Repair Scarborough

When an air conditioner begins to fail, it might draw more power as a means of forcing certain parts to run, as said. Beyond a spike in your utility costs, the Air Conditioning might also start tripping the home’s circuit breakers! Your home might also experience brownouts or slowdowns in electrical supplies as the Air Conditioning pulls more power than those circuits can handle.

Along with tripped circuits, your electrician might notice frayed wiring to and from the home’s air conditioner and other worn electrical features, signaling an overload of the circuit and wiring. These parts should be replaced as needed, to ensure their safety and avoid the risk of electrical fires.

Keep these points in mind when it comes to your home’s HVAC system. If you notice any of these issues with the Air Conditioning unit, call for needed Air Conditioning Repair Scarborough right away, to ensure the system is functioning optimally and always in good repair.

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