5 Luxurious things owned by royal family of United Kingdom

The royal family of United Kingdom are among the most popular families in the country. The Queen, as the head of the royal family, enjoys certain perks that come with her position. There are several things that are owned by the Queen which are expensive and luxurious. A few of them have been mentioned below.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the most expensive royal residence among the many royal residences owned by the Queen of England. It is the official home of Queen Elizabeth II and the most well-known royal residence in the world. The Queen carries out most of her official duties at this royal residence. Located in London, Buckingham Palace is open for tourists and attracts several tourists each year. Buckingham Palace is estimated to be worth around 4.9 billion pounds.

Diamond Diadem

Apart from several pieces of jewellery made of natural and lab grown diamond hatton garden, Queen Elizabeth possesses a glittering tiara known as the Diamond Diadem which she has inherited from her ancestors. The Diamond Diadem is among her most famous jewellery pieces which is adorned with 1333 diamonds including a 4 carat diamond in the centre. It is a tiara that is exceptionally beautiful and has been worn by the Queen at the State Opening of the Pest Control Meerut

The Duchy of Lancaster

The Duchy of Lancaster is the private estate of Queen Elizabeth II that consists of lands, assets and properties. It includes 45,550 acres of land in rural estates, farmland, commercial properties, urban developments and historic buildings scattered across Wales and England. This property is valued to be around 470 million pounds and generated a yearly revenue of about 5.3 million pounds. 

The Royal Collection

The Royal Collection refers to the most expensive collection of artwork that is owned by the Queen of England. The entire Ro Service in Gurgaon which includes seven thousand paintings and thirty thousand watercolours is estimated to be worth five hundred million dollars. This collection includes several portraits of former royals such as King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth along with some famous people like Charles Dickens and Sir Winston Churchill. 

World’s largest clear cut diamond

The Cullinan diamond is the world’s largest diamond and is currently owned by the Queen of England. Also know, as the Great Star of Africa, this diamond weighs 530.2 carats and was unearthed in Africa in the year of 1905. Estimated to be worth 51 million dollars, this diamond stone along with several other diamond stones were presented to Mary of Teck who is the Queen’s grandmother. Today, the diamond is a part of the Crown Jewels and can be seen in the centre of the staff which is help by the monarch during the coronation ceremony. Apart from the things mentioned above, the Queen also owns the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, a collection of expensive cars, racehorses, a bat colony, and most of UK’s shoreline that is dotted with some exotic beaches. Wedding rings hatton garden are inspired from the royal ring designs.

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