5 Nag Tibba trekking reasons

You have heard that word “Trekking” for quite a while, whether through Bollywood or social media. You finally decided to dive and start a small walk. You start looking for the options on the web and get overwhelmed and confused with the options. There are endless choices for people in the south. In and around Pune, Bangalore, there are so many single-day trekking options that you don’t really need planning a lot. But if you are to be to the north and plan a small walk in the Himalayas, you have no option but to make a trip from Delhi overnight if you plan to do anything worthwhile.

If you want to experience a wonderful spell in walking in the mountains that you used to draw when you were in school and to appreciate nature’s paradise gift from the sky but also are frightened by the long walking trails that can challenge your life and also the efforts to reach the peak, Nag Tibba is the perfect walking tour for you. Nag Tibba is regarded as a trek for beginners. Essentially, this is a weekend trek you can choose easily if you live near Delhi. This short trek enables you to feel the wonderful feeling of being in the natural surroundings, far from urban confusion.

  • Easy Terrain

The trail is easy and you cannot strive to reach the peak. The trail is easy. The road is flat, making it a perfect trek for beginners. Trekking is essentially a fun experience if you’re done without too expanding. In one or two days, Nag Tibba Trek can be easily completed. If you set up an adventure weekend trip then it is the best one. From Dehradun to Pantwari you will have to start your expedition. From Pantwari you should take the splendid view of the flattering path leading to the Nag Tibba temple.

  • A Trek Full Of Surprises And Satisfaction

There are many surprises for you on this trek. You can directly witness the cotton snowfall and wonderful views of the mountain snow surrounding and covering the jungles, the greenery and the beautiful countryside. The beauty that this place has is amazing for you. Travel around Mussoorie on your way to Nag Tibba, the beautiful hill station. Mussoorie is a well known tourist destination on the foothills of the Himalayan Ranges of Garhwal. The ‘Queen of the Hills” is also very popular here.

  • Connectivity

The connectivity of the routes is another reason that makes this trek perfect. Near this hiking point there are many villages. You can easily go back to the village when you feel fresher and feel that you cannot continue climbing. Or, even if you feel you need some sort of health care, the assistance is immediately provided to you. It is a beautiful and daunting area in the Himalayas. If someone insists on climbing Himalayan summits but fears survival challenges as well as long walks and amazing trails, the Nag Tibba Trek is the perfect way to make you feel comfortable.

  • The Final View from the Summit

The summit is every trek’s main attraction. You try to go up to the top to get amazed by the magical view from the summit. It’s the world’s most mentally sweeping feeling when you simply pay great attention to the enormous beauty of the surroundings, and forget all the excitement of every day life. And you won’t need much time or practise to achieve such an experience on this trek. Since the trek is easy, it will make you soft. This walk also has a religious significance, because the way you will follow is written in religious books, and the summit is of mythological importance to.The Nag Tibba is one of the best hiking trails of all seasons. Any time you want to distract yourself from a daily schedule you can plan this trek every weekend. In winter, the heavy snowfall and the cotton snow that covers your walk will be visible. Snow below your feet and beautiful jungles. The scene looks splendid with snow. In summer, with colourful flowers and rhododendrons, the same scenery is wrapped.

  • No need to go through a comprehensive gym

As a short-haul trek, just train your body before you start this trip, so that you will adapt to the basic level of fitness. Difficult arrangements and an irritant fitness routine for the trek are not necessary. The camps stand on the edge of the forest, from where a charming view can be enjoyed. It’s an unforgettable hiking experience. You can also see the best sunset and the converting colour of the sky from the base camp.

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