5 Reasons Turkey Is A Good Place to Go for A Hair Transplant

Turkey has become a top destination for people looking to get a quality hair transplant for a good price. The medical procedures done in the country are lauded as some of the best, and the low-cost medical procedures when compared to U.S. and European countries make Turkey popular to get a hair transplant procedures. Hair transplant in Istanbul is especially popular. Here are 5 reasons why Turkey is a good place to undergo a hair transplant operation:

1- It is Safe to Undergo the Hair Transplant Procedure in Turkey

There is a reason why Turkey is the first place that springs to mind when it comes to hair transplants throughout the world. Hair transplant in Turkey draws patients from dozens of nations worldwide. Hair transplant is performed at around 500 clinics and hospitals. Moreover, undergoing a hair transplant surgery in Turkey is safe because the clinic you prefer will make sure you get the best care possible during your time there.

2- Doctors in Turkey Are Very Skilled and Experienced in the Hair Transplant Operations

Because of the tremendous demand for hair transplants in Turkey, another benefit that Turkish physicians have is that, because they conduct hundreds or even thousands of hair transplants every year, they have far more expertise than doctors in Europe or America, allowing them to guarantee better results.

3- The Success Rates of Hair Transplants in Turkey are Very High

The success percentage of hair transplant in Turkey is mostly determined by the medical staff’s experience. The success rate is 98% when conducted by a medical team with extensive expertise.

4- Hair Transplants in Turkey are Cheap

Turkey is well-known for providing hair transplants at lesser costs than other countries. It is because Turkish prices are lower than in other wealthy countries. This enables hair transplant clinics in Turkey to provide lower-cost operations of similar or higher quality.

According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in 2010, there were 923,599 hair-restoration procedures performed globally which leads to a 1.88 billion-dollar market. It is beyond doubt that Turkey is one of the strongest players in the industry. Well then, what is the reason behind the unstoppable rise of Turkey in hair transplant industry? Here are the 8 reasons to choose Turkey for Hair Transplantation.

5- FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey Permanent?

The FUE hair transplant is an outpatient surgery that employs micrografting technology to transplant your own hair follicles to thinning regions of your head. The effects of a hair transplant are visible and are thought to be permanent.

In Turkey, surgeons prefer to use FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, which has minimal pain during recovery, no visible scars and faster healing process and also no scalpels, staples or sutures are used in the course operation. While FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) method requires the removal of the skin, in FUE technique, follicular units are individually removed from the patient’s donor area and transplanted one by one to the thinning area.

Expected Outcomes Following Hair Transplantation in Turkey

While a hair transplant performed by a qualified physician can result in substantial changes in a patient’s look, it is also vital for a patient to grasp the types of outcomes that are realistic and reasonable. A patient should realize that hair transplantation is a well-established medical method that follows medical protocols.


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