6 Easy Ways to Make Your Custom Popcorn Boxes more Creative and Attractive!

Popcorn is the most demanded snack that instantly removes the craving, and all people love to eat them. There are countless flavors of popcorn that are consumed globally on various occasions. Either you pack caramel, salt, butter, cocoa, chili, honey, and many more flavors, but you need high-quality popcorn boxes to present them in front of your target audiences. Due to this, you can use popcorn sellers to use custom boxes that are appealing and fetching. But the use of popcorn boxes is the best choice that you can use for your product presentation. Let’s see some tactics that you can pick to make perfect customized packaging boxes.

Don’t Forget the Magic of Simplicity

If you want to make perfect boxes, you don’t have to go over the top with your artistic designs. Simplicity is still heart-winning for customers and compels them to buy your items. Many big food suppliers use a simple packaging design for boxes, and it helps to create decent packaging for their edibles. A customer spends less than a minute to get an overview of their products, and they check only four things. The design of your packaging includes the logo, brand name, and ingredients of popcorns to prevent loss and issues. Thus, if you can use one colors box and print all these things, it captivates them, and they shop for your products again.

Printed Popcorn Boxes- Use Visuals That Explain The Story

You can make your boxes alluring by using esthetic visuals that explain your brand’s story to your audiences. On this subject, you can explain the story of your product with these graphics. Also, you can use print chief ingredients esthetically to explain what nutrition’s packed in the box. Plus, you can use various types of shapes on the custom boxes to explain the brand message to your audiences. Likewise, if you promote eco-friendly packaging solutions, you can use nature-related graphics on your packaging box to display what you present for your audiences.

Color Selection for Your Popcorn boxes Must Be Elegant

The use of esthetic color plays a vital role in captivating customers in the industry. Thus, you need to pick any color that you want to see in your popcorn packaging boxes. On this subject, packaging suppliers offer the required shades using CMYK and PMS color models. You have the option to choose 1-color printing, 2-color printing, 3-color printing, and 4-color printing for your boxes templates. Moreover, you have the option to use warm colors, light pastels, and bold sha0pdes for your popcorn boxes.

Pay Attention to The Exterior and Interior Side Of the Box

However, the exterior side of custom luxury boxes matters due to having the best illustrative design and color combination, but the interior side also matters to portray a positive image for your audiences. So, you can choose 2-color printing; one color for the outer side and the second for the internal side. Moreover, you can print personalized notes inside the box to give value to your customers. Also, use premium-quality material for your popcorn boxes to securely hold your items and deliver a positive image.

Craft In Unique Shapes And Styles

Now it’s time to craft unique shapes and styles for boxes that must be functional. Brand choose esthetic and quirky styles for your boxes, but sometimes they are not user-friendly. So, you must choose appealing and user-friendly styles for your customers to provide the best user experiences. Therefore some unique shapes and styles are mentioned below for you.

  • Handle boxes
  • Hexagonal box
  • Scallop box
  • Pillow box
  • 1-2-3 auto bottom
  • Tuck-end

Application of Foil Stamping on Popcorn Boxes

In the end, if you want to give a stunning look to your popcorn boxes and you can afford them, you can apply foil stamping to make them luxuries. Foil stamping highlight some particular chunks likewise, logo, brand name, and other features in your popcorn boxes. For this purpose, you can use versatile metallic shades like silver, gold, bronze, copper, and rose gold. Also, you can use foil stamping on popcorn boxes in bulk as per your choice.

Wrapping Up Thoughts

The above explains discussion shows how you can make your custom popcorn boxes superlative for your target audiences. So, it explains six easy tactics that you can use for your popcorn boxes. Therefore, don’t forget the magic of simplicity, use visuals color selection, and print both sides of your product’s packaging boxes. Moreover, you can use foil stamping on your popcorn boxes to make them more engaging. Now it is your turn to what tactics you can use to make appealing popcorn boxes.

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