6 Top Misconceptions Concerning the Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is one of the most misunderstood restorative dental procedures. Consequently, many people do not want their kids to undergo this procedure. However, seeking root canal treatment from an experienced endodontist can help remove the infected pulp, thus saving their teeth. If you are looking for a restorative procedure for your kid’s abscessed teeth, you should consider a pediatric root canal New York as the best option. While anticipating the root canal treatment, here are some of the misconceptions that should never hold you back.

The Procedure Is Painful

Many people continue to propagate the belief that root canal therapy is agonizing. This conviction has pulled some people from pursuing the procedure. However, the reality is that the slight pain during the procedure is more bearable than the pain associated with the infected tooth. In addition, endodontists use anesthesia which helps to ease any discomfort during the procedure.

Tooth Extraction Is a Good Alternative

Sometimes, it may be tempting to request your specialist to extract your painful tooth to do away with the pain forever. However, this idea may put your regrets in the future since each tooth has a unique purpose. Notably, missing some teeth would cause difficulties while biting or chewing your favorite meal.

The Procedure Is Lengthy

Some claim that the root canal procedure is lengthy and involves multiple appointments. Nevertheless, the reality is that the length of the procedure depends on the type of teeth being treated. In most cases, the root canal therapy takes approximately one hour, after which the endodontist discharges you. You may have to undergo a few follow-up appointments based on your endodontist practice.

Root Canal Therapies Fail in Most Cases

Some individuals are concerned about this procedure’s success rates, claiming that it is inefficient. The truth is that different factors dictate this procedure’s effectiveness, including the doctor’s expertise in conducting root canal therapy. Therefore, you should pursue root canal treatment from skilled professionals.

Root Canal Treatment Is Costly

When it comes to teeth treatment, many people are concerned with the cost of care. They fail to consider the long-term benefits of the restorative procedure. However, when you compare the cost of the root canal procedure with the cost of replacing the lost teeth, you will find that it is economical to undergo root canal therapy. Also, most insurance companies provide coverage for this therapy, thus saving your pocket.

Root Canals Can Trigger Other Complications

One of the most terrible myths is that this therapy will cause systemic diseases. This misconception stems from the fact that periodontal diseases can cause other health conditions, such as heart disease. However, no empirical evidence supports the likelihood of these complications after getting root canal therapy.

Tooth infections affect not only permanent teeth but also wisdom teeth. Therefore, if your kid has an infection in the center of their teeth, you should seek immediate intervention from a skilled specialist. At Compassionate Endodontists New York/NYC, Dr. Kaplan and his experienced endodontist offer an adoring root treatment to the children, thus saving their teeth. To learn more about the root canal treatment for your child, call their office or schedule an appointment online.

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