7 Major SEO Ranking Characteristics for Businesses

SEO should be a primary priority for any company that relies on people finding its products and services online. According to recent reports, the Dubai market would provide hundreds of opportunities for businesses in 2022. This may appear appealing to many, but keep in mind that the competition will be fiercer than ever. In this digital age, you need Google to protect your business. Here are a few ideas to help you attract online shoppers.


Keywords are significant in SEO. It is essential to integrate your article with keywords for users to search for you online. However, you must use this element wisely. If you over saturate your site with keywords, Google will not only catch it, but also it may cause you to lose your ranking. Keywords ought to be utilized in sentences in a characteristic way. Include important keywords for your header labels and in the depictions of your images. Many businesses ignore this factor and bear loss in their growth process. By getting the SEO service in Dubai, you can retain your ranking.


How often do you make content changes to your site? You most likely won’t have a good SEO ranking at present, if you haven’t focused on your content since the day you created it. To support traffic to your site and its popularity, you should offer clients motivation to return. Your content should be top-notch, current, and significant. The visitors’ stay time is another angle that impacts your SEO positioning. Your content should be attractive and appealing enough to grab the attention and force your visitors to explore more.


Pictures and other visual content are incredible additions to your site. However, if you need these images to help your SEO ranking, you should ensure that they are optimized. Enormous designs may cause you a hit by slowing down your website. In such a case, you won’t be able to secure your ranking. Improve your photos by resizing or compacting them. By naming your photos properly, you can also use them to sneak in keywords. You may cautiously consolidate keywords in your picture’s title, description, or title. With the help of the best social media agency in Dubai, you can not only improve the quality of your images but also integrate social media platforms with your website. This will increase your credibility.

Header tags

One more method to further boost the client experience on your site is to utilize headings or header tags. They not only divide the content but also simplify it to read or scan. Also, headers make everything show up appealing, which is a bonus point. If your site is simply a mass of content, shoppers will be deterred from investing a lot of energy in it. Accordingly, your SEO rating will endure subsequently.


Writing for a blog is valuable to your business. It’s an astounding lead-producing device that allows you to interact with guests on your site. However, most people are clueless that publishing content to a blog helps SEO rankings. You might get a ton of traffic to your site consistently if you can construct an immense gathering of faithful visitors. Moreover, you might coordinate different components like connections, better readability, and keywords into these pieces.

Focus on Broken links

You shouldn’t need to stress over broken connections if you select standard sites for hyperlinks. However, it is as yet conceivable. Broken connections might wreak havoc on your SEO ranking. Moreover, it is apparently not OK if a connection you offer to your guests drives them to the wrong site. This might be utilized to test your site or chosen pages. When a connection becomes idle, you will be told promptly, so you might fix it. You may use an SEO service in Dubai firm to monitor different sites essential to your domain.

Mobile-friendly Page

It’s developing rapidly to the point that it’s outperformed PCs and laptops. In fact, smartphones represent over 60% of all Google searches. Google clearly knows this and positions pages accordingly. Online shoppers should be taken into account on your site. There’s no avoiding it. If your site isn’t upgraded, it will affect the client experience, bringing down your rating.


If you are looking for the best social media agency in Dubai, you must find one with SEO knowledge. Without adequate SEO services, social media cannot be productive.

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