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7 Stunning ways to Create a Minimalist Kitchen

The minimalism trend has been around for some time since the beginning of time. It was a time when minimalism meant getting rid of as many things out of your life as you could and living more straightforwardly. It’s now more of an aesthetic decision more than any other thing. It’s a great choice too. So, if you’re trying to find ways to make a minimalist kitchen, nothing is more affordable and efficient than buying granite countertops Cost .

7 Simple Tips to Create a Minimalist Kitchen

In addition, Quartz stone is simple to clean and works the best in high gloss and matte finishes. Additionally, its natural antibacterial properties prevent bacteria from forming on surfaces in kitchens. So, this article will look at the seven most effective ways to design a minimalist kitchen with quartz engineered slab. 

  1. Countertops in white are a perfect choice
  2. A waterfall island
  3. Do not think of higher cabinets
  4. Use contrasting colors
  5. Let some natural light into
  6. Choose accent walls for your backsplashes
  7. Other backsplashes you can pair with a countertop
  8. Choose low maintenance material

1.   Countertops in white are a perfect choice:

There is nothing as gorgeous and practical as white quartz to create less clutter and a clear surface. There’s a vast collection of white quartz countertops cost that can elevate your primary home to a new level of luxury. So, you can combine warm quartz with beige or white cabinets to create a refined style. This design is entirely in line with the concept of minimalism. Additionally, you can incorporate neutral colors to create an accent.

Minimalist kitchen ideas: 10 simple schemes for the modern home | Homes &  Gardens

2.   A waterfall island:

Quartz is the most suitable material to cut and form into smooth surfaces. This is why you can apply it to walls or build a beautiful waterfall island. Therefore, you can use a variety of quartz pieces to make an island in your kitchen that isn’t based on cabinets. So, a gray or white waterfall island that resembles marble can change the look of your kitchen in the past. Additionally, the white granite countertop is stunning together with your island.

3.   Do not think of higher cabinets:

While the upper cabinets are crucial for storage and provide the most refreshing style for your kitchen, they could cause clutter in your small kitchen space. That’s why it’s recommended to steer clear of cabinets in the upper part and instead install open shelves. So, a stand made of iron or wood shelves can be used effectively within your kitchen. In addition, it provides an elegant and clean look for your kitchen’s minimalist design. Add some greenery to add more freshness.

4.   Use contrasting colors:

A minimalist look doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t any colors. It is easy to incorporate any bold or neutral accent into your kitchen’s low-profile style. If it is the ultimate choice, white quartz should contrast the cabinets of a different color with it. For example, blue or green cabinets will be beautiful in your kitchen. Additionally, quartz countertops with a striking veining pattern are a great option. So, the gray cabinets appear ethereal and minimalist too.

5.   Let some natural light into:

Don’t underestimate the power of natural light on your home’s decor. For kitchens, natural lighting is like fresh air. So, a dark kitchen will remove all the beauty from your home. Like that, natural light can be a good fit for minimalist kitchen designs. So, if possible, include the more open windows in your kitchen to keep it cool and fresh. This adds brightness to the room; however, it also helps make them appear more spacious.

6.   Choose accent walls for your backsplashes:

Are you aware of ways to embellish your kitchen with open shelves? The best method is to create an additional wall or backsplash. Additionally, you can utilize the quartz slabs as a basis for a marble-like backsplash. So, you can also use similar countertop materials to extend the appearance and style. This will give a unified look to your kitchen. A quartz accent wall can emphasize the open shelves.

7.   Other backsplashes you can pair with a countertop:

Subway tiles in black:

 The dark subway tile is perfect with a white, milky quartz top layer.

White tiles with a striking grey pattern: 

Bianco arabesque are the hottest tiles for backsplash. So, the mosaic pattern will grab everyone’s attention.

Subway tiles in midnight blue: 

Classic white quartz slabs look amazing against a dark blue background. They also create an impressive feature in the kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas | Better Homes & Gardens

Renzo Dove Tiles: 

These are ceramic tiles with polished surfaces. So, they go well with black counters. Additionally, they are ideal for a white and black minimalist kitchen.

Choose low maintenance material:

Quartz stone is among the prettiest and easiest to maintain materials. The ideal countertop makes the cleaning process more straightforward. In this scenario, it is quartz that can do the job. It’s stain-resistant to 100 percent. So, its durable and smooth surface permits the user to complete the task in just one stroke. The best thing is that it doesn’t require sealing or polishing to remain fresh. However, keep in mind that fewer items are more expensive.


The trend of minimalism is growing within kitchens. Making sure that the counter and cabinets are clear of clutter is one of the most crucial steps to creating an elegant kitchen. The choice of white granite countertops will make the task much more accessible. Explore these seven methods to get a minimalist appearance for your kitchen. Include some attractive colors in your cabinets, and select the most appropriate backsplash tiles that will fit. 

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