8 Facts about Bridal Jewellery

Dressing up, looking glamorous and being the centre of attraction on your wedding day is a dream and the top most priority of every bride. Jewellery plays a major role and we all are aware with some of the traditional jewellery pieces. But how many of you know that these Indian jewelleries hold a lot of meaning and significance too.

Here in the article we have listed a few of them. Let’s check out and Read on!

1. Earrings: It is believed that evil spirits around the world could enter our body via its opening. And that is the why women wear ornaments because ornaments were believed to prevent that. So, apart from being beautiful, earrings are said to work as a protector against evil for newly-wed brides.

2. Ring: The engagement ring, worn on the third finger of the left hand is a memorable and such an ornament which you cannot tag. Ancient Romans do believe that the vein the 3 rd finger connects directly to the heart, and that is the reason why wedding rings are worn specifically in that finger only.

3. Bajuband and Bangles: Previously, the glass bangles represented luck and safety for the husband of a married woman. One more ornament worn traditionally by Indian brides and ladies is an armlet or bajuband.

4. Anklet: Anklet or we can say Payal, which is a traditional piece worn around the ankles is meant to declare the arrival of the new bride in her husband’s house with that tinkling sound.

5. Kamarbandh: Waistband or a Kamarbandh is an amazing belt that adds a beautiful touch to a bride. The ornament is worn and designed in such a way that it signifies the power and authority of the new bride.

6. Necklace: Neckpieces are something which a bride wears on her wedding day. Necklaces are made from precious metals with heavy detailing on them. One important neckpiece is Mangalsutra, which is worn by a bride when the groom puts around her neck.

7. Toe Rings: Bichiyas are small and metal bands which are worn by brides on the toes. They are a beautiful symbol of marriage and they are made with silver.

8. Moissanite Rings:  Silver moissanite rings  are becoming more popular  as wedding & engagement ring .So, these are some of the claims and beliefs that people have in terms of a brides and her ornaments. If you want us to add some, do let us know in the comments section below. Stay Tuned for more such content and look for trending  metal rings trends like titanium .

Vintage inspired jewellery is always perfect as wedding jewellery. Wedding ceremonies are an ancient as time institution where two beautiful souls commit to each other for the rest of their life in the presence of their family and friends. Vintage jewellery even has a beautiful, pure old world, and timeless charm that symbolically echoes the ‘ever forever’ spirit of marriage.

If anyone will give you one chance to choose any one type of jewellery that will work well with your bridal dress, then it would have to be vintage.

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