A selection of a marketer: 18 useful sites about technology

The speed of emergence of new technologies, services, and businesses is growing exponentially. How to navigate in all this? What will happen next in technology? Where can I find information? How are audience needs and buying habits changing?

The task is not easy – we know. Therefore, we have collected for you 18 of the most useful, interesting and informative sites about trends, technologies and innovations.


The largest independent platform dedicated to the study of digital culture, social media and technology. 20 million monthly unique visitors and 4 million social media friends have made Mashable the largest online technology community.

The verge

An ambitious online publication about technology, multimedia, mobile, digital and around it. Introduced in 2011 and within a couple of years has become one of the most respected resources on the topic of applied innovation.


A non-profit organization that collects worthy ideas and provides a platform for their dissemination. It all started back in 1984, when the conference was attended by representatives of three industries: technology, entertainment and design. Since then, TED has collected over 1,500 unique videos on its platform, in which Nobel laureates, marketers, visionaries, specialists in new technologies and artificial intelligence talk about their work and discoveries. A great source of knowledge if you are ready to look into the future.


One of the world’s leading search, research and trend analytics companies. And not only technological and consumer: innovation, design and ideas are not the last here. Most of the research, of course, is paid, but Trendwatching regularly pleases readers with intelligent open analytics.


Honored publication on startups, internet business, innovation and websites. Contains an open database of ideas, companies, specialists and investors from the world of technology. Techcrunch also produces a podcast about innovative technologies for the lazy and busy.


Perhaps the most famous resource about tech startups : a dozen new products and ideas every day. If you look at the site for a long time and thoughtfully for a couple of days, it is quite possible to understand where the world is heading. Train your flair.


An American news site that was launched in 2017 and instantly gained credibility. Relevant, proven, well-written news, reviews and analytics on media trends and technologies.


A large resource with easy navigation, collecting the most popular and cutting-edge ideas for crowdfunding. “Every month we help millions of entrepreneurs, innovators and brands find and evaluate the best ideas and solutions,” says Trendhunter.


Free news aggregator from Google with a voluminous section “Technologies”. Promptly and with a good search, of course.


A service that collects and describes the world’s most promising projects, ideas and concepts. All of them are ready for local and international adaptation, looking for investors and waiting for cooperation.


A very efficient community that teaches and helps to give birth to new ideas. And the blog inspires these thoughts. The site also has a large collection of case studies, tools and analytics by subscription. Participation is free.


Collects technologies, new products and services from all possible areas – almost five thousand ideas from all over the world. There is something to delve into, than to be impressed and inspired.


A popular blog about brand new and exciting business ideas around the world. Gadgets, technologies, businesses.


An amazing resource that predicted the arrival of cultural phenomena long before they became trends, from branded designer jeans and vampire films to video blogging and twitter. Focuses on lifestyle news, fashion, entertainment and technology of course.

World future society

A community of futuristic innovators from around the world. An excellent opportunity to learn new things and get inspired by crazy ideas of conquering the world. “We are an ecosystem of futurists, visionaries and visionaries who push forward with the belief that a prosperous future for all of us requires strategizing, building and working together on it all,” says the WFS website. 

Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

The Danish Institute shares a lot of research into the future, rightly believing that it can only be dealt with by talking about it in the present. You can’t get any practical knowledge from this resource, but looking beyond the horizon will be useful and curious.


Another well-structured daily consumer industry innovation digest highlighting the most exciting and best products and services.


A blog about technology, design, fashion, culture and robotics. Many cases with detailed analysis.

We do not claim the completeness of this collection and will be glad to receive our “findings” from you in the comments to this article.

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