Actors Who Took Off With Star Wars And Those Who Got Stuck In Their Galaxy

It’s hard to shake off the legacy of one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood history. Some actors of Star Wars remained forever stuck in his characters, but luckily others managed to get out and build a successful career away from the shadow of the Death Star. You can know more about the star wars cast with the help of star war cast questions and answers online websites

Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker):

When Mark Hamill realized that Luke would not facilitate a career in front of the cameras, he matured and did the smartest thing: get behind a microphone. 

His work in dubbing brought him back to Comic-Con around the US thanks to becoming the most beloved Joker by fans, first in the Batman animated series in the 1990s and later in numerous movies and series.

Hamill was never able to become the star he was designed to be. One of the reasons was the physical consequences that he suffered after suffering a traffic accident after the first Star Wars.

Harrison Ford (Han Solo):

Harrison Ford is the biggest name born in Star Wars. The George Lucas saga was only one of the first relevant steps in a career that made him one of the biggest stars for decades. 

He starred in Indiana Jones and Blade Runner, was nominated for an Oscar for Witness in Danger and, with works such as Imminent Danger, The Fugitive or The President’s Plane, is – until someone says otherwise, the second highest-grossing actor in history.

Carrie Fisher (Leia):

Carrie Fisher made her failures, her greatest creative successes, as she narrated in the wonderful book and monologue Blessed Alcoholism (on HBO). 

Her humor did not allow for a long time to see a privileged mind and a humorous comedy, so she hid her talent as a script editor for Hook, Change of Habit, Love costs dearly, The Last American Hero, Lethal Weapon 3, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the Star Wars prequels

Anthony Daniels (C-3PO):

He is the only actor to have participated in all nine major Star Wars films, as well as numerous series and video games, so he never needed more than a role to be in the top 10 of the highest-grossing actors in history. C-3PO has never stopped receiving orders in these four decades.

Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca):

For a man with a rare disease and measuring 2.21 meters to succeed in Hollywood is already a feat, even if he was covered in hair and only making noises. 

That gratitude was demonstrated time and time again by Mayhew, one of the actors most attentive to his fans and committed to the saga, despite his health.

Peter Mayhew died in 2019 having taken over as Chewbacca. His health could not endure another film

Billie Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian):

Jake Lloyd was the fashionable boy. He had worked in Hollywood films like Life Again and The Promised Gift and Star Wars, but that would limit him forever. 

Suddenly, he was the most famous nine-year-old boy in the world, but many of the fans of the saga turned against his character and what had happened in the new trilogy.

In 2015, he was arrested after a police chase for driving recklessly, without a license and resisting arrest. It was then revealed that he had schizophrenia and had abused the pills. He was arrested and taken first to prison and later to a psychiatric clinic

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