Air Conditioning Repair

When you contact us for your Heating And Cooling needs, we will dispatch the nearest technician to your property to handle your needs. Each technician will arrive at your property armed with a fully equipped service truck that carries all parts that may be needed for the repair service.

When our technicians arrive, we promise that they will handle your request specially, perform a diagnostic check on your air conditioning unit and offer you an honest result. Based on the result of the test, you can rest assured that a detailed and honest quote will be issued to reflect the service to be rendered.

How To Care For Your Air Conditioner 

Nothing keeps your house cooler than an air conditioner. When the hot summer days arrive, your air conditioner would be there to cool you and your home, making you more comfortable and the days bearable. Making sure your air conditioner is in a good state at all times should be your top priority that is why it is important for you to adopt a regular maintenance culture. 

Here, we would provide you with tips to follow to get the most out of your air conditioner.

1. Have it properly installed 

To enjoy your air conditioner, it has to begin from the very first step, which is the installation. It is important that you call in experienced professionals for the Air Conditioning Installation as that would ensure that the air conditioner performs well from the very first time. The wiring and coupling of parts would all be done well. This prevents any installation mishap which could lead to problems in the future. 

2. Clean it regularly

Your air conditioner requires regular cleaning. This is to prevent dirt or dust from clogging the ducts and coils. Every air conditioner comes with a manual that gives details on how it should be cleaned and the tools to use. To clean the return duct, make use of a vacuum to suck the dirt residing in it. You should also pay attention to the fins on the outside. Take your time to gently remove the cover and use a soft brush to get all the dirt out of the fins. You can finish it off by gently spraying water on the fin on both sides. Clean the covers and other areas of the air conditioner too. But remember to turn it off before doing so. 

3. Change the air filter

The air filter prevents dust and other micro-particles from getting into the air conditioner. The air conditioner works by bringing in cool air and taking out the bad one. In the process of taking the bad air out, dirt and dust go out with it, but rather than enter the system to be pushed outside, the filter screens them, stopping it, because of the damage it could cause to your air conditioner. As time goes on, the amount of dust in the filter could increase, preventing it from collecting the hot air inside the house, making your house less cool. 

To fix that, you should change the air filter regularly, but at least four times a year. Be sure you are using the correct air filter as recommended by your manufacturer. 

4. Straighten bent fins

The fins are very important to achieve proper airflow that is why you should inspect them as often as you can. Check out for bent fins and gently straighten them. You can use a soft tool and push the fin back into order. You should do this as carefully as you can to prevent it from breaking. 

5. Have it looked at by technicians 

You have done your bit but you should also let those who understand your air conditioner more come in for inspection. You should make appointments with your technician at least twice a year to make sure that it is performing as normal as it should. This would also allow them to detect early problems that would require Air Conditioning Repair.

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