All About Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek, one of the most popular winter treks in the Himalayas, is the dream of any walker for its amazing and breathtaking panorama on the majestic highlands of the Himalayas. Adventures lovers and enthusiasts of nature, reach the Kedarkantha trek through the farthest snow-filled villages for its unique and unexplored beauty.

Kedarkantha trek – more about it!

Kedarkantha Trek is a collection of unsurpassed beauty, panorama over modest but traditional villages, rolling meadows, snow-filled landscapes, with beautiful quaint lakes and gigantic mountains and torrent streams. It is set in the western Garhwal area of the state of Uttarakhand. The summit is located at 3,800 m under Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand’s Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. Each inch of the tour makes you think of the untouched and vast paradise in nature! It is a miracle to see the dense blue-pine forests and panorama of high alpine wetlands.

One of my most favorite forests I have ever walked into is Gaichwangaon Forest to the summit. This section has a very surreal feeling due to its diversity, contrasting colors, density. I’d be very glad this trek for these forests again and again. However, some of the most wonderful forest climbs in the Himalayas can still be found on the other sides of Kedarkantha.

Being an autonomous mountain, the trek is blessed by several roads leading to the top and they are all unique and beautiful. This allows everyone to explore this trek as we like: take the popular route, choose the quieter road, adapt the route according to the weather, etc.

During your hike to Kedarkantha, Juda KA Talab, Kedarkantha Base and Hargaon are some of the picturesque campsites. The six-day trek will show you the best views of Garhwal Himalayas.

Lord Shiva’s retreat

If you don’t appreciate its mythological connotations, your visit to Kedarkantha will be incomplete when you visit that precious part of paradise. The nestle of the Avatar bull of Lord Shiva is thought to be Bal-Keder or Kedarkantha. The local population believes that Lord Shiva’s trident is at the top of the summit.

Now comes the best things to Kedarkantha that definitely shouldn’t miss. Make a to-do list, expand your eyes, since everything is worth it in the Kedarkantha trek!

Sankri village

The village is a traditional example of the delight of a trekker. This door into Himachal takes you to an unimaginable picturesque village with an unforgettable view of the Himalayan skyline and the snow-covered mountains. The village is the departure point for your Kedarkantha walk 200 kilometers away from Dehradun. Interesting and worth exploring the local culture and daily lives of the natives. Yamuna and Tons make your trip completely happy, starting! Kedargangas flowing along your way and lofty mountains in the background! First-class bird watching and zipline adventure in the village of Sankri.

More about the adventure!

More on Zipline activity here in Sankri is worth mentioning as it is the highest zipline in Uttarakhand and is 700 m long. Enjoy the ride because it certainly isn’t a daily task!

Someshwar Mahadev temple

In the Mori block of Uttarkashi is the Someshwar Makhadev temple in Sankri. The temple is the local divine of the area dedicated to Lord Shiva of the Hindus. The Someshwar Mahadev temple is known for its religious importance, and is regarded as a holy tourist attraction amongst other Uttarakhand temples. For its divinity and unique architecture, thousands of devout people from around the world enter the temple.

Juda Ka Talab

No place on Earth can be as perfect as the Juda Ka Talab for camping, considered one of high-altitude lakes in Uttarakhand. At 2700 meters above sea level, the camps in the Himalays are such an enriching night. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to reach the lake, 4 kilometers ahead of the village of Sankri. It is estimated that when Lord Shiva opened them, the lake was formed with water droplets from the hair locks.

Kedarkantha Skiing

Ideal for skiing as a racer, thanks to the perfect pistes! Go up through a peaceful forest and the pine trees and oak trees to the ski area. A portrait that can not be recreated is the backdrop of the Garhwa Himalayas! You can register and become a maestro in a ski run as well!

The beautiful views of Gangotri and Yamunotri areas, dense oaks and pine forests, magnificent views over the Har ki Doon valley, all combined, provide the solution to your doubts about Earth’s paradise!

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