All About Mullayanagiri

It is the best top in Karnataka, India. Mullayyanagiri is positioned withinside the Chandra Drona Hill Ranges of the Western Ghats of Chikkamagaluru Taluk. At an altitude of 1,930 meters (6,330 ft), it’s far the maximum stunning top in Karnataka. The Mullayanagiri convention has a police radio station. Seethalayyanagiri may be a distinguished top close to the prevailing location. the peak derives its call from a small temple (gauge / grave) on the summit, devoted to the wise “Mulappa Swamy” who’s believed to have notion of the caves some meters beneath the summit. The caves are handy and really shallow, requiring instant get entry to to the temple, now blocked via way of means of the temple priests. Without many variations of the effective Siddha traditions and customs across the belt, the beginning or different facts approximately the god stays confusing. Mullai refers back to the wooded area withinside the Old Kannada language.

Mullayanagiri Trek-

The excessive hills and deep valleys surrounded via way of means of mountain hills are blanketed with fifty monuments of green; Welcome to the Western Ghats – a listing recognised for its wealthy and specific aggregate of vegetation and animals as much as 1,six hundred kilometers alongside the West Coast of India. one of the maximum essential peaks right here is Mullayanagiri. Known global because the world’s maximum essential biodiversity conservation destination, the Western Ghats comprise 27% of India’s flowering vegetation and natural world species. In addition to containing the best geological, cultural, and aesthetic ranges, the Western Ghats provide an appropriate aggregate of journey, making it appropriate weather! despite the fact that the Himalayas are extraordinarily encouraged via way of means of enthusiasts of every journey journey in India, the maximum stunning top in Karnataka, positioned withinside the heartland of the Chandra Dhrona mountains of the Western Ghats that is one of the maximum hikes you could go to in Chikmagalur.

The Mullayanagiri Trek begins off evolved from Sarperi station, related to Chikmagalur via way of means of road. Therefore, it’s far one of the maximum handy locations to go to in Chikmagalur. The 3km lengthy trek takes approximately 1.five hours to finish, apart from some mountains, the Mullayanagiri Trek is simple to try to can permit you to get in contact with natural world because it travels thru the jungle trails. Like the actual breath of every breathless soul, the Mullayanagiri Trek may have the very best time to journey to the Mullayanagiri after the storm, ideally from September to February. hold in thoughts that sturdy winds, fog and rain could make the path slip and seem low.

Mululayanagiri Trek Journey

The Mullayanagiri excursion in Chikmagalur is generally finished in only some hours however there may be greater to do to finish your adventure. will discover Baba Budangiri Hills 12 miles away and soak up Manikyadhara Falls approximately nine miles away. to try to go to the Deviramma Temple, that is positioned to the touch 10 km.

The Mullayanagiri Trek generally covers days in case you plan to visit the ones locations. you ought to don’t forget reserving a ride to enchantment to the government on what happened. The Mullayanagiri Trek expenses an affordable INR 3,500 to encompass transportation from Bangalore and back, accommodation, food, manual and permits.

If you’re touring as a part of a traveler organization and determine to camp all night, your adventure will begin very early withinside the morning. However, you’ll journey at any time at some point of the day in case you do now no longer construct in which there aren’t any any limits at some point of the Mulullayanagiri Trek. the earth is open all day lengthy.

A right time to go

The great time to journey to Mullayanagiri is after the storm, from September to February. hold in thoughts that sturdy winds, fog and rain could make the path slip and seem low.

Catching materials

Identity Card

2 liters of water

A lamp with new cells

Sleep bag or dozing sheet

Energy powder or Glucon D powder

You can eat & biscuits

Additional clothing

An easy serviette or towel

Cap, sunglasses, scarf

Haversack or backpack


Please carry customized medicine if available

Hand sanitizer

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