All About to Know Zome, Yurt, and Tent House

We all have lived in houses made of bricks and other construction materials. It is very typical to live in a flat or a bungalow. However, have you ever lived in a zome, yurt, or tent house while you were traveling or visiting another country? Zome, yurt, and tent houses are different living spaces that provide shelter to you in different environments and conditions. These are the three different types of living places that give you incredible experiences. For those of you who have never gone out hiking or camping or on vacations at various locations offering a variety in living, here we are to tell you all about Zome, yurt, and tent house.

Knowledge about all three houses will help you decide the ideal and exotic place for you. This will also enhance your travel and housing journey. So, let us explore everything you must know about these three unique houses.


Zome is a beautiful house designed in a unique way to give an incredible experience. Zome is an eco-friendly home. The best quality of these homes is that they have a better life and maintain sustainability. If you live in a small zome house, you will also be protected from harsh weather conditions along with better living. Zome homes are created in zonohedron shape. It is a unique shape that can resemble something like a polygon. The primary purpose of these homes is to serve living while maintaining the best terms with the environment. You can also customize your zome house as per your requirements and desires. Compared to the yurt and tiny houses, Zome is a much better place.


Yurt is a traditional house that is built using tents. It is round in shape and can be constructed quickly and per the requirements and convenience. You can reside in a yurt and eat and give yourself all the necessary protection. However, when zome compared to yurt and tiny house, zome homes will outshine the yurt because of the extra facilities offered by the come places. However, depending on the availability and conditions you are in, the yurt will also prove to suffice all that you might need.


We all are aware of the tet house. We know it is built using tent materials and clothes. When we travel in the mountains, tents are one of the most sought-after options that anyone can have. It is easy to carry, place, and build a tent at a suitable location. Zome homes are created in zonohedron shape. It is a unique shape that can resemble something like a polygon Also, the tent might not provide all the things that a zome house or yurt can provide, but tents are the most cost-effective for housing.


At last, zome compared to yurt and tiny house is undoubtedly the best place to live in, but you must also consider the location you are in and the available things to you. Depending on the situation, you must decide between your living. Hence, choose the right choice for you and enjoy.

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