Analysis and description of massage modalities for beginners

Analysis and description of massage modalities for beginners

It is natural for people to rub painful muscles or tight parts of their bodies. Squeezing our sore temples when we have a headache or kneading our shoulders when we feel tension is a form of massage we are all used to Filipino massage in al Barsha.

But the word massaging too much applies a little more than just a touch of self-help. The word massage is derived from the Greek word “masso”, which means “to knead” and from the Arabic translation “to squeeze gently”. Many people today use the terms “massage” and “bodywork” or “healing touch” interchangeably. Filipino Massage in Al Barsha

There are numerous types of massage treatment available today. They all have unique techniques and philosophies that help leverage and balance in their own way. However, there are two distinctions that separate the different healing modalities.

Structure Based Massage System

 This is largely a western style massage practice based on science and anatomy. The emphasis is on correcting structural alignment, with the idea that the human body is purely mechanical, isolating individual parts rather than encompassing the entire body system. Examples include Swedish massage, osteopathy, chiropractic, Rolfing, and the Alexander technique.

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Energy-based massage system:

it assumes that all living matter contains vital energy or vital force that circulates throughout the body and must be in balance to maintain health. This massage practice is of oriental origin.

Some masseurs choose to combine the two different approaches and philosophies by incorporating both into their massage routines. Body systems, whether structural in nature, energy-based, or a combination of the two, use physical processing to activate the body’s innate healing abilities.

Here, we’ll cover a number of popular massage styles with brief descriptions of the techniques involved.

Swedish massage

Using oil on the skin, this modality consists of kneading and stroking long movements that stimulate the lymph and offer deep relaxation to the recipient.

Shiatsu and Acupressure:

An energy-based system that uses the meridian system as a guide. Use the pressure of the fingers on the meridian points, as well as pressure with the palm of the hand or the sides of the arms. This is usually done with clothing.


This massage method is a technique that seeks to correct skeletal misalignment, through a series of treatments. It is often deep and can be helpful in releasing long term emotional trauma.

Chinese Massage: Also called Tui Na, it is a clothed massage that uses various kneading or slapping movements that work with the flow of yin / yang energy from the body.


Reflexology is a technique that uses specific reflex points in the hands, feet, and ears to treat organs and other parts of the body.


This is an energy-based method of laying hands on different parts of the body. The hands are held for long periods of time and the energy is transferred to the receiver.

It is helpful to understand the variety of massage modalities before deciding to receive your first treatment. Sometimes Reiki can be a great start because it is gentle yet focused. It is the perfect treatment for the elderly who may not be able to take a lot of pressure. Filipino Massage in Al Barsha

Reflexology is also a good alternative to “beginner” massage. However, some people like to go for it and get the full Swedish oil treatment. Whatever you decide, in the end, you will come back for more. Massage can be a terrific stress reliever and health promoter for your active body and hectic lifestyle.

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