Are There Male Auto-flowering Marijuana Plants? Can I Make Auto-flowering Seeds?

With the legalization of cannabis for therapeutic purposes and recreational purposes, producers started responding to newer strains. There are several advancements in the reproductive genetics of plants. Auto-flowering cannabis is allowing cultivators to grow high-quality cannabis in smaller areas. These tiny plants available on Green Relief are nothing like the previous advancements seen in the field. 

It has several advantages, including the plant’s transition to the flowering stage after a fixed time, mainly two weeks, irrespective of the light hours it receives. These are generally ready for harvesting within eight to ten weeks of germination. The auto-flowering plants are created by crossbreeding different varieties of strains. They are also adapted to thrive in harsh climates with excessively high or low temperatures or deficient light levels. 

The auto-flowering seeds available in Green Relief always make customers come back for more due to their top-notch results and the profit of growing the plant in a smaller area. Even though these are smaller in size than traditional ones, they produce the same psychoactive effects. Even though the earlier strands of the auto-flowering plants had less potency and smaller harvests, these conditions are also getting better in the newer strands having it one of the most popular forms of cannabis online.

If you wish to breed auto-flowering plants, just like any other plants, you need to start with the high-quality seeds purchased from reputable online seed banks like Green Relief to ensure that you get the exact strain you are looking to grow. Now comes the question of whether there are male auto-flowering seeds available. The answer to that question is yes, even though they produce much smaller and weaker buds and contain a high quantity of seed instead of the female plants best for THC-laden smokes.

Several people also wonder whether they can breed their auto-flowering cannabis seeds after growing the plant. The answer is actually yes, it is possible to do so at one’s own home, and as an advantage, you can also grow tens and thousands of auto-flowering seeds. Still, it is best not to do so because you can never be sure whether the plants that extend from the seeds are male or female.

The most common procedure followed to get the auto-flowering plant to produce seeds Is by introducing the male pollen to the female auto-flowering plant. A single male plant generates thousands of pollens that are enough to fertilize around hundreds of plants. With their lightweight and specific structure, they can even travel a considerable distance. 

The female plant, once pollinated, produces seeds inside the buds. A single pollinated female plant can grow as high as hundreds of cannabis seeds without putting in much effort in unconventional conditions. Under ideal conditions, the production increases by tenfold. 

There is a 50% margin that the plant was growing from the male seeds, and the only way to determine it is by raising the plant. Since the auto-flowering plants start flowering very quickly, it is impossible to decide whether or not it is a male or a female, which may accidentally lead to pollinating the female plants.

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