Avoid 5 common eco-friendly packaging mistakes this Christmas

Custom packaging of eco-friendly boxes isn’t a new trend. It is being used worldwide to succeed in growing and aggressive competitions. The marketing industry is using eco-friendly boxes to ship their products to distant locations. Eco-friendly boxes are customized according to the brand behind them. By customization, we meant the addition of label or brands name o the box. Eco-friendly boxes can be moulded and found in numerous shapes, sizes and designs. All the credit goes to the material used during the processing and fabrication of eco-friendly boxes in the market.

Packaging of the products is like a bridge between the company and the users who are buying eco-friendly boxes. If the packaging of the boxes is not up to the mark, there are 100% chances that it is going to risk the sales and revenues of the product and the company. When product packaging is not well looked into, it becomes a butt of jokes, and memes are created. To avoid this, this company urges the manufacturers to use eco-friendly packagingof the boxes for the shipment of their products. This way, both company and customers stay satisfied in all areas of marketing.

Mistakes to avoid

There are certain mistakes one must avoid to succeed and excel in the business.

Use of appropriate material

For eco-friendly boxes, cardboard packaging is highly important, and it is pretty much valued as well. If you prefer or use paper bags or plastics over cardboard or Kraft, you are making a great mistake since paper bags and plastics are not durable or strong enough to be used for packaging or shipping purposes. They tend to tear because their grip isn’t that strong and firm. The manufacturers who are old in the industry make use of cardboard as the perfect material for packaging because it is biodegradable and recycled easily.


When a package arrives at our doorstep, the initial eye contact is made with the outer physical look of the boxes. There are certain products that are excessively packaged, and a lot of material is used just for wrapping them securely. This is indeed an easier way to show or express the company message to the customers. But too much over packaging and wrapping results in excessive harm to the environment. The excessive use of paper or cardboard results in waste because the packaging is disposed of at the end of unboxing.


We know that everyone is, in the long run, to succeed in every way of their business, but it is not possible every time. There are businesses that trick customers with misrepresentation. The product is shown over the package with excessive details often seems to be the complete difference of the product present in real inside the package. Holders add extra irrelevant information on the eco-friendly packaging just to confuse and trick the customers. In reality, the picture is entirely different from what is being shown over the package.


That’s another point to consider and avoid in terms of product packaging because this results in a lot of failures. Most of the packages show designs, typos or writing spelling mistakes over the boxes. And this results in a bad image for the product and the company behind it. Because customers aren’t going to cast away their hard-earned money over childish mistakes and show the irresponsible behaviour of the holders behind. To opt for eco-friendly boxes, make sure the design and style of the boxes matches and is well-balanced with the company behind it; otherwise, disaster is to be expected.

Difficult to open the box

As stated above, manufacturers add excessive packaging and wrap around the box that opening up the box becomes pretty complex and time-consuming. And together these facts result in dissatisfaction of the customers. Our main purpose is to see what customers are asking for and what the trends are. If we make the starting steps complex, such as opening up the box, we are ruining the rest of the process. Therefore, look through the customer’s eye and make the unboxing experience memorable, not miserable.

Apart from the above-listed mistakes, some other types of mistakes have been seen or reported so far. The design, pattern and choice of colours on the eco-friendly packaging either results in a good reputation or a bad one. Sometimes excessive ideas are poured over the box making the design and box looking messy. The theme and background design should be such that it represents the company on a positive note. It should have colours that are trendy and liked by the customers. It should go well with the company’s name as well.  Because in the end, customer satisfaction matters a lot to succeed in creating high revenues for the brand.


The above-listed mistakes are pretty commonly noticed during packaging purposes. These can be avoided if these errors are processed and thoroughly checked, and evaluated. Therefore before processing or stepping into the final stages, check the packaging twice to avoid mistakes like these.

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