Honey baked ham basted with a delectably buttery, sticky glaze and baked in a hint of pineapple juice!

ham with honey glaze

Nothing is simpler than roasting a ham for the holidays, either one with or without bones. To cook honey baked ham, only a few simple steps and ingredients are required… with mouthwatering fragrances of butter and honey wafting from your kitchen while it bakes!

Better than store-bought baked ham is homemade ham. It’s impossible to top off a cooked ham with that delicious sticky glaze as it bakes or while serving.

What is the best way to prepare baked ham?

To begin preparing this honey baked ham coupons, submerge the ham in pineapple juice. When baking, the fruit’s acid keeps the ham wet and juicy, resulting in amazing flavours that combine with the glaze as you baste.

Until the fat is rendered and the outside is crispy, glaze and baste every 15 minutes!

Juicy, tender Honey Baked Ham smells just as amazing as it looks, and I wish there was a smell-ernet occurring right now.

Cafedelites.com: Honey Glaze for Baked Ham

take off the rind?

The process of removing the rind seems to be the most contentious. During testing with the rind still on, I discovered that the rind grew sticky and gooey as the ham cooled and became difficult to consume.

  • Additionally, the flavour of the glaze halted at the rind and did not bleed into the ham’s flesh.
  • I advise cutting the rind off for this reason. The rind of a fully cooked ham DOES NOT crisp. We experimented with deep frying, broiling, and high-heat baking.
  • | cafedelites.com Brown Sugar Mustard Glazed Ham
  • how to get rid of ham rind
  • You’ll see a lovely layer of fat behind the rind of the ham when you purchase it. DO NOT remove any of this. This fat transforms into a gorgeous, crunchy, gooey covering for your glaze that is IMPOSSIBLE to resist.
  • I’ve put together the following, SIMPLE steps from our recipe for Brown Sugar Mustard Glazed Ham to demonstrate.
  • Around the shank end, sever the skin by cutting a line through it.
  • To separate the rind and fat layers, insert a sharp knife in the space between them and cut along.
  • The rind should be easily separated from the fat using your fingers. To continue the ham’s detachment and make it simpler to peel the rind off in Step 4, you can press your hand deeper into the ham.
  • Remove and throw away the rind.
  • To create a light diamond pattern all over the surface, run a knife through the fat layer about 1/4 inch thick.
  • Start working on the glaze after the ham is in the oven.

Cafedelites.com: Honey glaze for ham

What’s the secret to the greatest ham glaze?

Honey, brown sugar, or maple syrup are the ideal ingredients to use in a baked ham glaze. Either of those components alone would make for a pretty unique glaze due to the way the sweetness of the glaze and the saltiness of the ham blend so beautifully.

Butter, honey, and a bit of brown sugar will be used to make this honey baked ham. The honey’s sweetness is countered by the acid in the pineapple juice, and the ham’s saltiness adds another dimension of flavour.

The typical ground cinnamon can be added from this point on. Our ham doesn’t typically have whole cloves on the outside, but they work in this recipe.


The main piece of caution I have is to avoid simmering the glaze for too long since, once it cools, it turns into a hard caramel that is quite challenging to spread on the ham’s exterior. It should be brought to a mild simmer, then swiftly removed from the heat.

Honey-glazed baked ham basted with honey | cafedelites.com

With a taste of pineapple juice and a buttery sticky coating, honey baked ham is served! Enjoy a few slices of honey baked ham to kick off the holidays! The ideal ham for your Christmas dinner table is juicy and delicious on the inside with crispy, burnt, sticky ends! | CafeDelivetes.com

The BEST part is cutting through it with a sharp knife and watching the juices erupt behind each slice as they fall to the plate.

Honey Baked Ham has crispy, charred, and sticky edges and is juicy on the interior.

What sides go well with ham?

These side dishes will make your crowd even happier whether you prepare this for yourself or bring it to a holiday event.

Menu For Meals With Prices

1 LB Slices Dinner$ 23.99
2 LB Slices Dinner$ 34.99
Classic Sandwich Pack 4$ 34.99
Take & Bake Slider Tray$ 24.99
Half Turkey Breast Dinner$ 29.99
Quarter Boneless Ham Dinner$ 39.99
Whole Turkey Breast Dinner$ 49.99
Ham & Turkey Duo Dinner$ 59.99
Half Ham Deli Pack$ 94.99
By-The-Slice Deli Pack$ 23.99
9 LB Honey Baked Ham & Turkey Feast$ 144.99
9 LB Honey Baked Ham & Turkey Meal$ 114.99
Quarter Ham Meal$ 74.99
Homestyle Pot Roast Dinner$ 49.99
BBQ Roast-Est With The Most-Est Dinner$ 39.99

Beef & Pork Menu With Prices

BBQ Baby Back Ribs$ 17.49
Beef Pot Roast$ 31.49
Sweet Glaze Bacon$ 11.49
Peppered Bacon$ 11.49

Honey Baked Ham Menu With Prices

Bone-In Half Ham$ 73.02
Bone-In Quarter Ham$ 45.86
Quarter Boneless Ham$ 27.99
Ham By The Slice$ 12.99
Ham Salad$ 8.49

Heat & Serve Sides Menu With Prices

Maple Sweet Potato Souffle$ 9.49
Green Bean Casserole$ 9.49
Cheesy Potatoes Au Gratin$ 9.49
Tuscan-Style Broccoli$ 9.49
Loaded Smashed Potatoes$ 9.49
Country Cornbread Stuffing$ 9.49
Creamy Russet Mashed Potatoes$ 9.49
Baked Cinnamon Apples$ 9.49
Roasted Turkey Gravy$ 9.49

Desserts Menu With Prices

Carrot Cake$ 22.99
Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake$ 19.99
Blueberry Coffee Cake$ 19.99
Southern Pecan Pie$ 13.49
Triple Chocolate Cake$ 21.99
Red Velvet Cake$ 21.99
Coconut Cake$ 22.99
Vanilla Rum Cake$ 27.99
Pumpkin Pie$ 10.99

Honey Baked Turkey Menu With Prices

Turkey Breast (2.95 LB)$ 32.45
Half Turkey Breast$ 18.99
Turkey By The Slice$ 13.49
Whole Turkey$ 54.99

In-Store Gifts Menu With Prices

1 LB Slices Dinner$ 23.99
Whole Turkey Breast Dinner$ 49.99
Quarter Ham Meal$ 74.99
2 LB Slices Dinner$ 34.99
Bone-In Quarter Ham$ 45.86
Bone-In Half Ham$ 73.02
Whole Turkey$ 54.99
Turkey Breast (2.95 LB)$ 32.45

Catering Menu With Prices

Boxed Lunches Menu With Prices

Signature Sandwiched Boxed Lunches$ 9.49
Specialty Sandwich Boxed Lunches$ 10.49
Salad Boxed Lunches$ 9.49

Honey Baked Buffets Menu With Prices

VIP Buffet$ 9.49/PP
Supreme Sandwich Tray$ 8.49/PP
Sandwich Builder Buffet$ 7.99/PP
Signature Meat Tray$ 5.79/PP
Signature Meat & Cheese Tray$ 57.59

Buffet Salads Menu With Prices

Cobb Salad$ 27.99
Cobb Salad (Veggie)$ 27.99
Garden Salad$ 27.99

Sides Menu With Prices

Fresh Fruit Tray$ 49.99
Broccoli Bacon Bliss Salad$ 6.49
Smashed Potato Salad$ 6.49
Fresh Veggie Tray$ 49.99
Deep River Kettle Chips$ 1.29
Chicken Salad$ 7.99
Ham Salad$ 8.49

Desserts Menu With Prices

Cookie Temptation Tray$ 27.99

Beverages Menu With Prices

Gallon Unsweet Tea$ 7.49
Gallon Lemonade$ 8.49
Gallon Sweet Tea$ 7.49
Assorted Coca-Cola Beverages$ 1.99

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