Beaten and humiliated by Hindu mobs for being a Muslim in India

Hindu mob attacks on Muslims without provocation have become commonplace in India, but the government doesn’t seem to take any notice of them.

In a social media video that went viral last month, a young girl was shown clutching to her Muslim father in fear while a Hindu mob beat him.

The upsetting video shows the 45-year-old rickshaw driver being dragged around Kanpur, a city in Uttar Pradesh’s northern region, while his sobbing daughter pleaded the mob to stop striking him.

His assailants demanded that he scream “Hindustan Zindabad,” or “Long Live India,” and “Jai Shri Ram,” or “Victory to Lord Ram,” which is a famous greeting that Hindu lynch mobs have recently converted into a murderous chant.

Despite his compliance, the mob continued to strike him. Ultimately, the cops were able to save both the man and his daughter. A day after being detained for the assault, three men were released on bond.

A few days later, another viral video of a Muslim bangle vendor being assaulted by a Hindu crowd in Indore, a city in Madhya Pradesh’s central region, surfaced online. Tasleem Ali was verbally abused by the attackers, who also warned him to avoid Hindu neighborhoods going forward.

He later claimed that he had been “beaten by five to six guys who hurled religious obscenities at him for selling bangles in a Hindu-dominated area and robbed him of money, his phone, and some documents,” according to a police complaint.

The daughter of one of Ali’s alleged attackers, who is 13 years old, accused Ali of assaulting her, which led to an odd turn of events that resulted in Ali’s arrest the following day. His relatives and neighbors have vehemently refuted the charge. They claimed that the father of five could not possibly have done such a thing.

Additionally, eyewitnesses who were reported in the Indian press claimed that the man was attacked because of his religious affiliation and that the allegations of molestation against him were made inadvertently.

The two attacks were among a number of acts of anti-Muslim violence that occurred in August, but by no means was the most heinous month for India’s largest religious minority group, which has more than 200 million followers.

Similar attacks were also reported in the months before, several of which made headlines.

A Muslim youngster, 14, was brutally attacked in March when he entered a Hindu shrine to get some water.

A hawker in Delhi was assaulted in June for attempting to sell fruit in a Hindu neighbourhood.

“It is overwhelmingly violent. It’s widespread, prevalent, and widely accepted “says Alishan Jafri, a freelance journalist who has spent the last three years recording assaults on Indian Muslims.

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He claims to find “three to four such videos every day,” but is only able to confirm one or two of them, which he then posts on social media.

Religious divisions have persisted in India for a long time, but critics assert that since 2014 under the

According to Prof. Tanvir Aeijaz, a professor of politics science at Delhi University, “communal violence is not a fresh phenomena, but it grows in sync with the policies of those in power and political mobilisation.” Prof. Aeijaz made this statement to the BBC.

“The mistrust has always existed, but religious nationalism and ethnic nationalism have widened the cleavages.”

Numerous incidences of Muslims being attacked by so-called “cow vigilantes” during Mr. Modi’s first term in office stemmed from claims that they had consumed beef or were attempting to transport cows, an animal that many Hindus regard as holy, for slaughter.

Although the prime minister did not support these assaults, he received criticism for not denouncing them fast or loudly enough.

A prominent BJP MP named Prakash Javadekar told the BBC that “the government

He continued by charging the media with “biassed and selective journalism” for concentrating on incidents involving Muslims

“According to official records, 160 of the 200 victims who were lynched were Hindus. Targeted were people of all faiths, “He stated, although he did not elaborate on how to locate the data. Such data are not gathered in India.

According to a fact-checking website that tracked “hate crimes” in India in 2019, Muslims made up more than 90% of the victims over the previous ten years.

And despite allegations that they receive political favours from Mr. Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party after a government minister garlanded eight Hindus found guilty of killing a Muslim, the attackers went unpunished.

Hasiba Amin, the social media coordinator for the opposition Congress party, claims that “so many attacks have become so regular in our nation today only and only because of the impunity these thugs have.”

“Today, hatred has become commonplace. Going to attack Muslims is cool. Also rewarded for their deeds are those who incite hatred.”

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