Begineers Guide for Leh Road Trip

The Leh Ladakh Bike Trip is India’s ultimate once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The ‘Land of High Passes’ is a dream destination for every adventurer. They also fantasise of taking a bike journey for an even greater excitement. We provide the comprehensive guide for the dream trip to assist you with this journey.

Ladakh’s natural splendour is indescribable. Snow-capped summits, arid regions, patches of green, crystal-clear lakes, as well as old monasteries, palaces, and other attractions, will entice you. The high altitudes are not only thrilling, but also a task you’d like to conquer. Pass through bizarrely gorgeous places, wallow in the bliss of an unknown universe, and create personal records. Ladakh Bike Tour will put your spirit to the test.

To begin, we assist you in preparing for the journey, identifying critical problems and providing the necessary guidance to conquer them.

Best Time To Visit:

The most of the year, Ladakh is covered with snow. The greatest time to visit Ladakh is during the summer months. A bike expedition to Ladakh is only possible during the summer months of May to June and the monsoon season of July to September. As a result, the optimum months to go on a Ladakh Leh bike trip are from late May to early September.

In addition, the summer is a great time to start your bike trip in Manali and continue on to Spiti and the Ladakh region. During these months, you can ride your bike to Srinagar. In fact, the summer and monsoon months, from May through September, are ideal for planning a Himalayan biking vacation!

The number of days required for a Leh Ladakh bike tour is entirely dependent on the route you pick and the areas you wish to visit throughout your journey. While you can start your bike journey in Delhi, you also have the choice of starting in Manali or flying to Leh and starting your bike adventure in Ladakh.

A bike excursion to Ladakh from Delhi would take 15-18 days, whereas a bike tour to Ladakh from Manali may be completed in 10 days. If you fly to Leh and start your bike adventure there, you will have a fantastic experience in 7-8 days.


There are two major motorcycle roads that lead to Ladakh. The first comes from Manali and the second from Srinagar. Pass via Rohtang Pass on your way from Manali and eventually enter the Ladakh region. The road from Srinagar is equally impressive, but it is not a popular starting point for bicyclists. You can choose between the two routes and arrange your trip based on your driving abilities, time, and other criteria.

If you’re starting in Delhi and want to see both routes, a round journey starting in Manali, then going to Ladakh, and finally concluding in Srinagar is the ideal option. Ladakh Bike Tour Packages arrange your trip down to the last detail, including specifics on the best routes and itineraries, as well as lodging and other logistics.

Best Bikes:

When talking about a Ladakh bike journey, one of the most crucial topics to mention is the motorcycle. The best bike is unquestionably required for the best experience. While the best bikes are determined by a variety of factors, the bike with the most powerful machine and engine is usually the best. The bike must be capable of withstanding the cold, high altitude, and steep grade.

While many people dream of taking the Ladakh Bullet Train, there are also other possibilities. Select a bike that you are familiar with and can simply maintain and service. Because your motorcycle will be your only genuine friend throughout your adventure, you must ensure only the best for the finest motorcycle trip to Ladakh experience.


The bike route to Ladakh lasts from 7 and 18 days, and lodging is one of the most important considerations. Rest is essential because you are not only riding a bike but also riding to some of the highest peaks in India and the world.

To begin, there are a number of budget hotels in Ladakh that are both affordable and well-equipped with all of the necessary amenities. Campgrounds are the ideal places to stay for an adventurous vacation. Get a taste of nature’s best features as well as a pure adrenaline rush.

If you want to immerse yourself in Ladakh culture, homestays are the finest solution. The welcoming people of the area open their hearts and homes to visitors.

Petrol Facility:

When it comes to bike rides, especially in Ladakh, the most crucial thing is gasoline. There aren’t many gasoline pumps in the area. As a result, whenever you see a petrol pump, fill up your tank. Carry additional fuel in jerry cans and other containers in addition to full tanks.

There are four petrol stations along the Manali-Leh route. Fill up your tank in Manali, then stop in Tandi, 110 kilometres away. The next one is at Karu, which is 30 kilometres from Leh. Finally, there are petrol stations in Leh. As a result, there is over a 350-kilometer length of road without a single pump, forcing you to rely on the fuel you carry.

When it comes to fuel pumps, the bike excursion from Srinagar to Leh has more possibilities. From Srinagar, take a full tank of gas. Nagbal is the next station. Later on the route, there are two petrol stations in Ganderbal. At Kargil, you can get a refill. After that, make a pit stop in Khalsi before continuing on to Leh. Even when on the route, you must carry extra fuel in case of an emergency.


There are a number of roadside dhabas along the way to Ladakh that serve great warm cuisine at reasonable costs. Homestays are another possibility. However, it is critical that you bring small amounts of food and drink with you at all times while on your bike journey.

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