Benefits of Having a Dog Fence

In order to choose the best style and design for your fence, you must consider factors such as style of your home, neighborhood, personal taste, needs, and budget. Dog fences built for a dog must meet those criteria and also provide safe and escape-proof enclosure for your favorite friend. There is no perfect fencing solution that will work for all dogs. Rugged Fence team uses an individualized approach to each customer’s needs in order to help you choose the best fencing options, materials, and styles that will work the best for your dog’s size and activity level.

Let us outline the benefits of having a fenced-in yard and how fenced-in enclosures prevent your dogs from escaping. Knowing the type and size of the dog is one of the deciding factors when designing the fence features along with available options. 

Fenced-in yards not only add appeal to your property, but also have many additional benefits for your favorite furry friends. 

Here are the main Benefits of Having a Dog Fence: 

1) Fenced in yards allow your dogs to stay active and get more exercise! 

Dog owners care about their pet’s health. Just like humans, for dogs to maintain physical, cardiovascular, joint, and muscle health, as well as their mental health, they need to exercise regularly and spend enough time outdoors. Having a fenced yard, regardless of its size, can dramatically improve a dogs’ lifestyle and allow for more room to run and play freely. 

2) Fenced-in yards may prolong your dog’s lifespan

This reasoning goes along with the first benefit as the dogs who spend more time outdoors getting physical activity stay happier and live longer lives. 

3) Fenced-in yards may add happiness and meaning to your dog’s life

You may ask how fencing can add the meaning to the dog’s life, but studies suggest that dogs receiving more mental stimulation from smells, enjoying fresh air, and releasing their physical energy are happier, and less prone to destructive behavior1.

Letting your dogs have freedom to spend time outdoors whenever they can helps support and boost their mental wellness and encourages positive behavior, making them valuable members of the family that everyone will enjoy spending time with. “If we don’t keep their minds occupied or give them opportunities to release their physical energy, dogs will release that energy in other ways,” warns animal behaviorist Dr. Suzanne Hetts. We do not want to see our dogs acting out, so it is crucial to provide the space for them to run freely. 

4) Fenced-in yards may save time for the owners

“You want to go out?” It’s the question that evokes so much eagerness and excitement from your puppy. It is great for the dog owners to get outside and go on walks with their furry companion several times a day but sometimes that is not a feasible option. There might be times when your busy schedule simply does not allow for mid-day walks with your pup or there might be times when you might not feel like going outside for various reasons. Being able to let your furry friend go outdoors safely on their own is an ideal situation for dog owners. However, a fenced-in yard should not serve as a replacement for daily walks, as those are very important daily routines for your pup’s wellbeing. 

5) Fenced-in yards is a much-needed option for those dogs who cannot use dog parks.

Going to a local park with your dog is great for preventing boredom and allowing your pup to interact with other dogs. But in some cases, it is not an option for certain dogs. Dogs that are just not able to play nicely with other dogs or those who might have certain medical conditions that prohibit them from going to dog parks, can still enjoy the outdoors. Spending time in their own yard might not provide a lot of social interaction for the dogs but still allow for fun outdoor time in an open space. 

6) Fenced-in yards may help increase security for your home

Most dogs, regardless of their size and breed, will bark when they see strangers around their property. In many cases, the dogs behind the fence will scare away the strangers and may help protect your home from unwanted intruders.

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