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Top 5 Reasons Why British Airways Is The Best Airlines In The UK!

I didn’t board a plane for the first time until I was 22, but since then, I take dozens of domestic and international flights every year. As I now reside in the UK, I frequently fly across Europe as well. 

I’ve traveled on many other airplanes in the past, both large and little, and while each has pros and cons of its own, British Airways consistently wins out for me and is considered to be the best airline in the UK.

It’s uncommon for British Airlines to not go to a place I want to go as they fly to over 200 locations across 75 countries. Their brand-new airplanes are roomy and comfy, equipped with modern technology like movie displays and USB charging ports.

Despite the fact that I’ve never had a bad flight experience, British Airlines always goes above and beyond.

1. They fly pretty much everywhere I want to go

In recent years, there have been a few times when I’ve been to locations like Prague and Copenhagen that British Airways didn’t serve, at least not without a layover. I definitely choose a different airline in those cases, but it hasn’t happened very frequently. Also, there is a significant likelihood that BA will soon begin filling in the gaps in the few locations they are lacking considering that they are always growing their routes.

2. The customer service is the best I’ve experienced

Despite the fact that, thankfully, I’ve never had a really terrible encounter with an airline or any of its staff, it’s reasonable to say that British Airways routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty and really exhibits excellent customer service.

For instance, I paid in advance for a seat on the emergency escape row last year, only to be moved during check-in. While some airlines might have advised me to move on and submit an online refund request, a helpful BA representative at Heathrow Airport asked her manager to arrange for a free upgrade for me.

A lengthy, dull flight is always made better — and less stressful — by the flight attendants’ genuine cheer while greeting and serving customers.

3. Their rewards program and membership tiers are incredibly fair

Although I wouldn’t claim that Alaska Airlines’ rewards program and British Airways are one of the best airlines in the UK, I’ve still found it to be rather simple to advance through membership categories without feeling as though I need to fly a tonne of miles to get there.

Also, I can earn tier points by taking flights on any Oneworld carrier, such as American Airlines or Iberia. The more Avios (a BA currency) you earn from these trips, the higher your membership level must be.

4. The Avios currency program makes it really easy to earn rewards

British Airlines employs “Avios,” a currency that can be added to cash-only fares or used for reward flights. You can earn Avios by purchasing online at any of BA’s partners, which include grocery stores, hotels, gas stations, rental car agencies, retail stores, and more. You can also earn Avios for every flight you take. best airlines in the UK

I’ve accumulated more than 50,000 Avios in the past six months alone, which, depending on where I’m traveling and when translates to savings on future trips of several hundred dollars. Also, I can get these benefits without using a credit card with an airline logo (though they do offer one).

5. Their aircraft are clean, spacious, and comfortable

I’ve never had a poor flight with BA, although obviously your experience may vary based on your airline class and aircraft model. Although I usually reserve seats in the “Premium Economy” section, which gives more legroom and more comfortable seating, I’ve frequently flown in the economy and have never felt particularly crowded, despite being a person who is by no means little.

This might be large because their planes are frequently new or because their flight attendants are so friendly that I hardly detect any noticeable discomfort. I always feel a little less irritated when I step off the plane than I do with other carriers.

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