Best CBSE International Schools in Bangalore Exploring Unconventional Trends

Here is how the best CBSE International schools in Bangalore are turning the tables to create a new global environment for their students.

“Dance is as important as mathematics”, Ken Robinson, a harbinger of creativity in learning, devoted his life to turning traditional education on its head. The pandemic has brought forward a multitude of challenges to schools across the world and has forced them to go beyond rudimentary learning. Education is changing as fast as today’s healthcare and technology. Even the best international schools in megacities like Bangalore are revisiting their teaching styles. Irrespective of the pattern- be it CBSE, ICSE or IB, all are going beyond the ascribed boxes.

The education sector has seen massive overhauls in the past few years. Let us look at some trends that best international schools in Bangalore are adopting:

International Schools Adopting STEM to STEAM Learning Methodology

STEM includes science, technology, engineering, mathematics, a newer approach is STEAM where A is for Arts. CBSE International schools are adopting approaches to include arts as a main field to the learning system. Arts is no longer a proletariat, hidden for courtroom performances, but is an essential element and a  successful area of holistic education especially for students in schools aimed at creating global leaders.

Integrated Learning in Bangalore CBSE International Schools-

●   The pandemic has taught us one thing, learning never ceases. We just find creative ways to continue learning. The use of technology has helped remove barriers of physical classrooms. While most of us missed the brick and mortar classrooms, online education has tapped into new areas of learning and it is here to stay.

 ●   Digital ethics, cloud services and blockchain facilities to store student data and education material, AI are some new approaches for a more immersive and experiential learning. Facilities like access to digital libraries from around the world enable us to sit and experience learning. International schools in the IT hub of the country, Bangalore are looking at education where technology and on field experiences are equally valuable.

Gamification and Bite Sized Packaging for International Students-

●   The average attention span of a human is 8 seconds. In a situation like this, it becomes the responsibility of International CBSE Schools of Bangalore to create environments that pique the learner’s interests. Information can be imparted in creative and interactive ways using bite sized format instead of long lectures.

●   Gamification of education not only makes the yawning student attentive but also interested in active learning instead of passive retention. Bringing these together for students forms a basis for community learning in international schools, but also brings a very personalized and streamlined method of teaching to bring the student the highest benefits.

Global Schools Should Focus on Community Wellness and Sensitivity-

●   Students must be given equal say as teachers. Educators of International schools in Bangalore must indulge in a dialogue, merely hinting towards a path. Students are more than often equipped well to be curious and mirror our actions. In such cases it becomes the teacher’s job to help them feel comfortable and not ashamed to be divergent thinkers. Students today are active members of the community and this empathy towards one another is often mirrored from those around them, the mentors, the faculty, the caregivers.

●   It is important to give students unbiased information, for them to make their decisions. Topics like gender discrimination, caste bias, violence, environment, mental well being and illness should be inculcated to help them become the best version of themselves.

Curriculum and Skill Based Learning in International SChools-

It is important to teach the traditional subjects, but with modern and advanced knowledge and methods. With constant changes, teachers must be trained and up to date with their area of expertise. While this is great, it is not enough. Skill based and life long lessons in income taxes, financial literacy, technological opportunities, graffiti all should be a part of the education system. This does not discount sports and extra curricular activities for global citizens that the best international schools of Bangalore are trying to create.

 International Schools Make Global Opportunities in Bangalore-

CBSE International schools are called so because of a reason. Such international schools must provide international opportunities in higher studies, student exchange programmes, brushing with global cultures, cuisines, businesses, art and all other forms of learning. These schools must truly be international in the sense of blurring borders.

International Schools bring Wholesome Empathy-

 In a world with hate crime and social media outrages and easy access to technology like the dark web, it becomes the responsibility of teachers and students, caregivers to collaboratively work together in International schools. This must be done on as well as off the clock. While today’s students try to bring out the loudest voices against injustice, it is often easy to get lost in the charade of glamour, status and  material things. Empathy is a life skill where we not only put ourselves in others shoes, but also respond in an affectionate way.


To sum it up,  International schools in Bangalore following a CBSE pattern are changing drastically, probably as you read this article, one more feather must have landed in their hats. But, as parents, it is your duty to vett the international schools and look deep if they are the right fit for your child. 

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