Best Crypto Exchanges of January 2023

Trading in cryptocurrencies and NFTs takes place on crypto exchanges, which act as virtual marketplaces (non-fungible tokens). They are essential for the current volume of trading in digital assets. While some markets boast the lowest fees or fastest transaction times, others specialize in offering niche financial services.

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Keep reading to find out where to trade cryptocurrencies, how the process works, and which exchange is ideal for you.

What happened with FTX Crypto Exchange?

Announcing its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing and CEO Sam Bankman-resignation Fried’s on Twitter on November 11, 2022, FTX, once one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, fell on hard times. This was a devastating blow to the confidence the public had in the crypto business.

So let’s just say that 2022 has not been a fantastic year for cryptocurrencies. However, the markets we recommend all have open financials and solid security measures in place.

Investing in a cold wallet is your best bet for ensuring the highest level of security for your cryptocurrency (you can find our pick for the best hardware wallet in our list of best crypto wallets).

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Our Top Picks for the Best Crypto Exchanges of January 2023

  • Coinbase – Best for Beginners
  • Binance.US – Best for Low Fees
  • – Best for Security
  • Bisq – Best Decentralized Exchange

Coinbase – Best for Beginners


  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface and easy purchase process
  • Broad assortment of educational material
  • Wide selection of cryptocurrencies


  • High fees compared to other popular exchanges
  • Complex fee structure

Because of its user-friendly design, wealth of resources covering everything from blockchain to volatility, and solid security measures, Coinbase was our top pick for the best cryptocurrency exchange for newcomers.

Coinbase is a name that is likely to be known to everyone who has heard of cryptocurrency. Many people saw the exchange’s public launch last year as a validation of the cryptocurrency market since it is one of the biggest and most well-known in the United States.

The Coinbase platform does a wonderful job of making cryptocurrency investment accessible by providing a simple onboarding process that helps new users feel comfortable with trading. Additionally, its user-friendly design makes handling cryptocurrency on the site a breeze.

Additionally, Coinbase offers a wide selection of helpful resources for newcomers. By teaching users how to trade certain cryptocurrencies and rewarding them with free crypto, the Coinbase Earn programme incentivizes users to make use of these tools.

Finally, the security measures taken by the exchange should be noted: In addition to enforcing two-factor authentication across all of its platforms, Coinbase also holds 98% of user crypto assets offline and insures custodial accounts for up to $250,000 in case of theft or loss (in line with per-depositor FDIC coverage limits). Coinbase’s security features are one of the reasons the exchange is still recommended, despite the increased costs.

If you’re a fan of Coinbase but wish it had more sophisticated trading and charting options, you may want to check out Coinbase Pro, the company’s second exchange platform.

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Binance.US – Best for Low Fees

Binance. The United States allows its citizens and businesses to invest in over 125 different cryptocurrencies. Benefits for its users include stablecoins, crypto trading pairs, over-the-counter trading, staking incentives, and automatic purchases (assets that are backed by US dollars). However, because to its limited instructional offers, it may not be the greatest alternative for novice traders. – Best for Security

More than 250 different cryptocurrencies may be purchased at Users of the Visa Card may take advantage of the platform’s exclusive benefits and cryptocurrency incentives.

Cronos (CRO),’s utility token, may be used to pay platform fees and unlock bonus features.


  • Users with large balances in CRO may take advantage of discounted trading fees.
  • High-balance holders of the Visa debit card may earn up to 8% cash back on any purchases made with their card.
  • Traders may use a little amount of margin.
  • Top-notch scores for safety online.


  • Higher trading costs are a direct result of lower trading volumes.

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Bisq – Best Decentralized Exchange


  • Supports trades with a broad selection of coins and traditional currencies
  • Wide variety of payment methods
  • Short verification process


  • Mobile version only works for notifications
  • Must trade with Bitcoin or BSQ only

Bisq is the finest decentralized exchange because it has an open-source platform that is entirely decentralised without restricting currency support, which is in keeping with the spirit of Bitcoin.

Bisq (formerly Bitsquare) is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that mimics the simplicity and breadth of functionality seen in centralized markets. The platform is based on open-source software, which means its blueprints can be accessed by anybody, and it is being developed using money saved by its users and contributions.

Trading on Bisq doesn’t need the use of a third party, and neither does it necessitate the disclosure of any personal information from its users. It’s a great option for Bitcoin users who also want access to other cryptocurrencies like Cardano, XRP, and Dogecoin. It is unusual for decentralized exchanges to accept fiat cash with a wide variety of digital assets.

Decentralized exchanges already have a high standard for privacy and security, and the platform’s security features, such as multi-signature and a security deposit system, improve on that by ensuring that all parties involved in a trade are trustworthy and retain full control of their funds at all times.

Frequently asked questions

Why trust us?

Money is a serious matter, and here at Personal Finance Insider, we want to ensure that even the most astute readers can make the best possible choices. Knowing that “best” is frequently a relative term, we make care to detail the advantages and disadvantages of various cryptocurrency trading platforms.

We researched the characteristics and services of each cryptocurrency exchange for you.

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What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange functions similarly to an online stockbroker, except that it deals only in cryptocurrencies, tokens (virtual assets issued using current blockchains), and other digital assets. In order to facilitate the buying, selling, and holding of digital assets like as bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin, many of these exchanges provide traders with the opportunity to do so.

When it comes to keeping cryptocurrency secure from theft and hackers, most markets also provide custody and storage services. Most exchanges, though, provide more than just a place to store your money. You may keep your cryptocurrency exchange account open while using an external bitcoin wallet or other storage wallet service. Exchange accounts and cryptocurrency wallets provide for easy asset transfers in case of need.

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