Best Kitchen Appliances Ideas Under $100

Kitchen is the heart of every home. The time that you spend in your kitchen is not only for cooking but also great to be spent with your loved ones. There are many appliance ideas for you to make the best use of the space in your kitchen. Everything goes perfect with an organised free-flow movement without any clutter or mess.

Your kitchen is a place where the day starts and ends for many chefs and cooking lovers. One way or another, we spend a lot of time in this room. An organised kitchen with great appliances can be very helpful in your life because you will save lots of time during cooking and clean up that space when done. It also creates an inviting atmosphere at home.

So, today I am going to share with you a few appliance ideas under $100. These appliances are easy to install and cost effective for sure.

  1. Blender

The blender is one of the kitchen appliances that you need to make your life easy in the kitchen. It is a great appliance for whipping up creamy soups, smoothies, purees and other drinks in no time. You can even make cocktails with it. You can chop vegetables or fruit directly into the jar without cutting them into smaller pieces before blending.

  1. Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is an essential appliance you should have in your kitchen. It is like a boon for people who love coffee and tea because it makes a fresh cup of coffee in no time when you are running out of the bed or late for work. You can use pre-ground, ground beans or even K-Cup packs in the single serve machine.

  1. Toaster Oven

A toaster oven is another wonderful appliance for a small space kitchen. This compact machine can toast, broil, bake and warm up food in no time. No matter how much you are craving for crispy chicken or French fries during midnight this appliance will always be your best friend in the kitchen that brings your favourite dish back to life.

  1. Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is one of the best kitchen appliances you should have. If you are planning to bring rice in your daily diet, buying a good quality rice cooker will be worth spending money. It not only cooks white or brown rice perfectly but also can steam vegetables and fish/meat at once. It is one versatile appliance that saves energy and time.

  1. Electric Hot Pots

Electric hot pot is a wonderful option if you love to cook for many people at once. It can be used as an electric skillet, steamer or warmer when combined with different heating elements. You just have to put the food into the removable vessel and set the temperature and time using a knob and leave everything else on the appliance. You can use it as a crock pot, electric skillet or even rice cooker depending on what your requirement is.

  1. Juicers

A good juicer is an appliance that can not only save your money and time but also you can enjoy a fresh glass of juice every morning. There are many types of juicers available in the market – Masticating juicers, Centrifugal juicers, Manual/Hand-press fruit and vegetable juicers and Single auger masticating juicers. The latest one is a good option for making orange juice, apple juice, lemonade and cocktails easily while you have some extra time in hand or party preparation.

  1. Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric pressure cooker is another must-have appliance that saves your time and effort in the kitchen. It can help you make delicious meals in no time. It preserves most of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are lost during cooking on a normal stove or oven. Just add all the ingredients, put it on the stove and have a good sleep.

  1. Travel Water Bottle

A travel water bottle is a must-have for you if you are fond of making smoothies, milkshakes or shakes with different ingredients. There are many types of sports bottles available in the market but I would recommend buying an insulated one because it does not only keep the drink cold or hot for long hours but also saves your money on plastic cups or paper cups.

  1. Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is a must-have appliance for you if you are fond of hot beverages during the cold season. It is one of the easiest ways to boil water in no time during morning or late night. It not only saves you money on buying tea bags but also you can enjoy many types of teas along with different coffee recipes during the winter season.

  1. Electric Skillet

Electric skillet is an essential appliance for people who love deep frying, sauteing or cooking vegetables quickly. This appliance is also energy efficient so you can save power while using it. It has a detachable base that makes this appliance easy to store even in small kitchen spaces.


There are many other appliances like electric knife, coffee grinder, omelette maker and panini press that you can buy according to your requirement. You can also get rid of small appliances like electric kettle or knives if you already have microwaves or a mixer grinder in your kitchen.

If you will use all the above-mentioned kitchen appliances at once, it is recommended to buy an induction cook top instead of buying separate ovens because it saves energy and time during the cooking process. Electric oven or rice cooker is a must-have appliance for Indian kitchens, so never ignore it when you plan to make your kitchen appliances shopping list.

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