Best Quality Affordable and Durable Knives for Regular Use

A good quality knife is an essential tool in any kitchen. It is the centerpiece of everything that goes on in the kitchen. Once you use a good knife, there is never going back. You need to keep all your knives clean and sharp, from the switchblade knife to the cleavers. Doing this will ensure smooth cooking.

Despite the many years of using knives, many people still don’t differentiate between a good quality knife and an average knife. In this article, we guide you on how to tell the best quality knives for everyday use.


A knife look has not changed much over the years apart from a few modifications like the switchblade knife. It still consists of a handle and blade. What has changed, though, is how the knives are being made. So currently, there are two ways to make knives, forged and stamped.


Forged knives are made by skilled craftsmen, specialized automated machines, and sometimes machine and man. They are made by heating metal until they can be remolded into a blade.

Forged knives are durable, well balanced, and because they are molded, they can hold an edge for longer. They are a dream for any cook, and if well maintained, they will last a long time. They are of high quality and will perform most kitchen tasks to a high standard.

Stamped knives

Stamped knives are primarily machine-made. They are cut from large pieces of steel, heat-treated, and combined with a handle. They are usually inferior, unbalanced, and lower quality than the forged blades. However, you can still get quality stampede knives, although this will mean going deeper into your pocket.


The material used to make a knife also affects its quality and durability. Knives are made of either stainless steel, high carbon steel, or a combination of both.

Stainless steel doesn’t easily rust but can’t hold an edge for longer, requiring regular sharpening. The high carbon steel knife will hold an edge for longer, but it is susceptible to rusting if not well maintained. The knife with the best of both worlds is the composite steel knife. It is made from both stainless and high carbon steel. It is durable and can hold an edge for longer, although not as well as the high carbon steel knives.


The right weight for a knife is controversial among chefs and cooks alike. Some prefer a heavier knife because its weight easily slices through things. Others prefer light knives as they are easier for them to use.

Knives are not a one-fits-all tool. It is about you, your cooking, and your kitchen. The right weight for a knife feels balanced and comfortable in your hand. You should personally check the weight of each of your kitchen knives, even the switchblade knife, to make sure it feels perfect in your hand.


The quality of a knife most times depends on the user and their needs. However, certain factors like the material influence the durability and usefulness of the tool. Specific knives like the switchblade knife are not regularly used, but you still need to choose a high-quality one.

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