Best Road Trip Destinations in Dubai

There is a world-wide competition in all the countries of the world. They continuously strive to excel from each other in terms of services, tourism and better living standards. All the individual nations are trying to excel from one another in various undertakings. Dubai is no exception. One aspect that it is always better at from other countries is the variety of road trip destinations. Hence travelling in a rented car is a better way of visiting all the beautiful places in Dubai. So you may reach out to premium car rental Dubai when you require a car. Moreover, Dubai is full of mind-blowing attractions! In this post, we will tell you about the best road trip destinations in the city.

1. Visit Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is the most incredible mosque in Dubai. It is a complete replication of the Al-Azhar Mosque built in Cairo. That is eight times bigger than its size. Hence a superb example of Muslim architecture. You can notice the designing of visible stone infrastructure in the medieval Fatimid style. Two pillars showcase the attractive patterns in stone art. You can be lucky to catch a fabulous view of the mosque at night. It is well-lit through floodlights during that time.

If you have decided to visit an Islamic cultural destination, then Jumeirah Mosque is the right place to visit by a road-trip inside Dubai. You can head to Jumeirah Road to reach this location. Therefore, according to the travel advisors, you must rent a luxury car in Dubai to reach the Jumeirah Mosque.

2. Bargain in the Marketplace of Deira

You can visit Deira on the northern shore of Dubai Creek. The twisting streets of the souk reveal the cultural hub of various nationalities settled in Dubai.

You will see traditional boats picking and dropping cargo for the market on the bank of a creek. The banks, restaurants and buildings of different companies make up the cityscape.

For the tourists, Deira is well-known for its conventional shops that have a lively presence of shoppers throughout the day. Deira Gold Market is the world-famous biggest gold market on the planet.

Thinking of buying gold for your spouse, rent a luxury car in Dubai for reaching the gold bazaar.

The Deira Spice Bazaar provides almost all types of spices. There are shops with abundant stocks of frankincense, thyme and oud wood. You can also find cumin, sumac and paprika from the stores. Moreover, the shops here sell top-quality saffron.

For a refreshing road trip to spice bazaar, you can reach out to premium car rental Dubai so you can rent an auto to explore the market.

3. Take a Trip to Sheikh Zayed Road

One of the best road trip destinations in Dubai is Sheikh Zayed Road. It is a primary road located through Dubai’s latest downtown business region.

This broad, 8-lane highway is proceeding alongside the glass and steel built sky-reaching buildings throughout its stretch. You can drive in a rental car on this road while amusing yourself by watching the fantastic skyline of Dubai’s famous skyscrapers.

For an enjoyable journey to Sheikh Zayed Road, you can rent a luxury car in Dubai.

The major attractions are aside, or just a little bit off the road, near the roundabout and the initial junction. Moreover, the majority of Dubai’s well-known shopping malls are alongside the stretch of the road.

All those fond of enjoying a road trip on the smooth and spacious highways of Emirate can rent a luxury car in Dubai.

When driving on Sheikh Zayed Road, you can stop by the Dubai World Trade Tower with a sightseeing station on the top floor. That provides the tourists with a city-wide view of the metropolis. There are also jewellery stores on Sheikh Zayed Road, providing an opportunity for shoppers to buy gold or diamond. There are more than a hundred manufacturers and thirty sellers at one location.

4. Experience the Native Civilization at Heritage and Diving Village

Take an auto-trip at the Heritage and Diving Village for viewing traditional buildings. So you can participate in traditional activities, and observe Dubai’s maritime culture. That can be interesting! Since it showcases two conventional aspects of Emirate’s heritage. They are pearl diving and boat building. They are both Dubai’s age-old economic livelihoods.

You can rent a luxury car in Dubai, for a comfortable drive to the Heritage and Diving Village.

The destination also provides entertainment from conventional Bedouin and shore village hospitality. That is accompanied by Persian homes and a conventional coffeehouse. There is also a small shop where pot-makers and fabric-weavers display their produce at the outlets.

You can enjoy native music and dance that is staged from October till April. Moreover, tourists can consult experts in conventional medicine. Visiting the Heritage and Diving Village can be easy. You need to go on a road trip to Shindagha, Bur Dubai.

You have to book a luxury car from a premium car rental Dubai. So you can view this cultural destination.

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