Brief Guide of Khula Pakistan Family Law For Divorced

Khula Pakistan family law and Outlook:

For the divorce process in Pakistan through khula Pakistan family law you can contact Advocate Jamila. Some people have the malady that they take pride in their poverty and strained state. They pick faults in wealth. If the rich show arrogance that is understandable because they have something to be proud of but the arrogance of the poor is meaningless regarding divorce process in Pakistan through khula Pakistan family law. They have nothing to eat and no clothes to wear, the wonder are that their arrogance is not limited to words; they act also on their mental outlook.  Perhaps, they do it that people might not think low of them, as one who waited for the invitation.  One of them is a poor man who is arrogant. (Aadab Insaniyat)


 Taqwa (a God-fearing attitude) is a very beautiful thing. Everyone must keep it before every other thing. Nature has made some men more inclined to sex than others. Such men cannot find one wife enough after divorce process in Pakistan through khula Pakistan family law. If they are prevented from taking a second, third, or fourth wife then they will be compelled to immodesty. Adultery is an evil that puts away righteousness and purity from man’s heart. It grows a very dangerous evil in him. Hence, there should be an elixir for such people as are strong in sexual instincts that they may not fall into sin.  (Al Masalih al Aliyah) 


 Sometimes the survival of progeny is prevented if multiple marriages after divorce process in Pakistan through khula Pakistan family law are disallowed, For instance, a woman might be incurably barren and if her husband cannot take another wife then he will have no descendants. This malady is found more in women and, therefore, there is no way out but having more than one wife. (Al Masalih)  If a woman is incapable of having a sexual relationship with her husband then he must not be restrained from marrying another woman. (Al Masalih)  The honourable Hajji Sahib had taken a second wife towards the fag end of his life. The reason was that his honourable wife (who was his first) had become blind. The second wife was his companion and she also cared for the first wife a wife is not meant only to satisfy her husband’s lust, but also for the reason of mutual co-operation.


 after divorce process in Pakistan through khula Pakistan family law over the world tends to grow weak and carrier than man, often man’s power is weak gaps, and sometimes it is as necessary for the second wife. Women are not always able to sleep with her husband. She gets menses for some days every month during which he cannot have sex with her, Then, during the early stages of her pregnancy which lasts a few months and again after she has delivered a child, husband and wife cannot have sexual relations. While she has these natural restrictions, her husband is to precluded in any way and if he gets a powerful sexual urge then apart from a second wife he cannot find a legal way out, (al Masalih) 

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Two wife’s and Pakistan khula laws:

 For information of Pakistan khula laws through divorce lawyers in Lahore contact Jamila Law Associates. He should not disclose the secret of one wife to another. To keep them together is to place fire and ammunition together before Pakistan khula laws through divorce lawyers in Lahore. He should not praise one before another.  In short, neither should be mention before another nor listen to one speak about the other. Rather, he should declare it. He should strictly disallow women visitors to speak to his wives about each other. He should not try to please any of them by claiming to love her more than the other.. If it is possible gently, he should contrive to get his wives to exchange gifts. 


 She should not be jealous of the new wife.  She should not taunt her.  She should bring herself to treat her with kind manners so that even if she has not loved, the shoe does not harbour hatred either regardless Pakistan khula laws through divorce lawyers in Lahore.  She should not display such informality with her husband in the presence of the second wife as he might not like lest the new wife also become rude with him. She should not mention defects of the new wife to her husband, for no one likes his beloved to be criticized, particularly by her competitor a co-wife. (This is harmful to the first wife herself). 

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