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Cambridge Heating and Cooling is a company specializing in refrigeration and air conditioning. Our entire team of state-certified refrigeration specialists works with both individuals and professionals based in Ottawa. We operate in all of the Canadian arrondissements. Whether it is the installation, maintenance, or repair of your air conditioning, or your refrigeration equipment, Cambridge Heating and Cooling can intervene in your home.

Cambridge Heating and Cooling of 6 people a year, but also seasonal, our team is responsive and performs particularly meticulous work. The good quality/price ratio of our services brings us significant customer satisfaction.

You are probably wondering what sets us apart from our competitors? It is our job as advisers. Our design office agents support you in developing your project, coming to visit you free of charge

During this first meeting, they establish a study on the realization of your air conditioning project. Thus, you remain in control of your desires, while having a professional climate analysis on which to rely. In this way, we assure you of housing with low energy consumption: Cambridge Heating and Cooling, for a perfect climate!

Air conditioning installation in Ottawa

Any habitat improvement project requires questioning. Are you looking for considering installing a new air conditioning or heat pump for your home? Cambridge Heating and Cooling is can help you for your home issue. 

This observation will result from a multitude of choices to be made and that begins with the selection of a company. Finding out and requesting several quotes is not a waste of time, on the contrary. The service offered must be a guarantee of success and must correspond to your budget. Other elements to take into account: the ten-year guarantee and the qualification of technicians for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

When this first choice is made, it is important to seek advice on the equipment to be installed. Indeed, air conditioning brands, such as kitchen brands, present significant differences in terms of quality, and especially price. At Cambridge Heating and Cooling, you have the choice between AC Toshiba, Hitachi, and LG air conditioner, Samsung, an Airwell air conditioning, or Daikin.

Thus, Cambridge Heating and Cooling guide you in your decision-making taking into account your needs and your budget.

The last data to be taken into account are the type of your home or your business (single-family house or condominium, historic buildings, etc.) and your status (owner or tenant). In any case, it is important to understand that the installation of a wall-mounted air conditioner is not simple: it depends on the town planning standards in force and the access available to the professional to install it.

Air conditioning maintenance in Ottawa

At Cambridge Heating and Cooling, we make it a point of honor to maintain your reversible air conditioner or not. A maintained air conditioner means healthy and comfortable accommodation. Just like you pamper your home or your car, your air conditioner needs a little care to be sustainable. And even if the brand of your equipment plays a role in its longevity, it is still important to check the filters and clean them if necessary, to change damaged parts, and to add gas if necessary.

We do not invent a refrigeration engineer. This intervention requires knowledge and such know-how that it is essential to call on a qualified professional. Cambridge Heating and Cooling is the ideal service provider for the maintenance and upkeep of your air conditioning ducted or not because we are used to handling all types of machines related to this intervention.

Also, we offer maintenance contracts. Maintaining your air conditioning well also means saving energy.

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Air conditioning repair in Ottawa

Why wait to have your air conditioning repaired? Why continue summer nights tossing around in bed? And why go too fast without allowing time for reflection to mature? The repair of air conditioning repair in Ottawa is the assurance of a comfortable and pleasant home to live in.

Troubleshooting your air conditioner in Ottawa is above all a good follow-up to prevent breakdowns from resurfacing. So, when your equipment breaks down, do things in order: find out about the companies that might be working in your area. Are the quotes they prepare free of charge? Are their movements too? Finally, and above all, what insurance do they guarantee you in the event of a claim?

At Cambridge Heating and Cooling, we can answer each of these questions positively: our quotes and travel are free.

Our responsiveness is such that we operate 24 hours a day, 6 days a week in Ottawa.

Thus, a failure that could cause a cascade of problems will be taken care of very quickly: assessment of the damage, search for the source of the problem, proposal for an estimate. This is why, first of all, we will communicate our hourly rate to you and establish with you a personalized quote with detailed pricing.

At Cambridge Heating and Cooling, we want to be transparent about our air conditioning prices and our services. Therefore, we offer you a maintenance contract to avoid further breakdowns.

Installation, maintenance, and repair of your refrigeration equipment in Ottawa

At Cambridge Heating and Cooling, we work with both individuals and professionals. Whether you are a chocolate maker, restaurateur, or have a business specializing in another activity, we are qualified to intervene at your place: we install your refrigeration equipment, we ensure its maintenance, or repair it.

Our team of refrigeration specialists masters refrigerants and their handling. Our refrigeration technicians are also able to prevent air pollution in your home or business. Their know-how allows you to avoid fires or the appearance of bacteria. We aim to provide you with cold commercial equipment so that you can guarantee quality service to your customers.

Our design office intervenes upstream

for a low consumption solution

At Cambridge Heating and Cooling, we don’t do things by halves. Our different caps allow us to ensure you a complete follow-up and an optimal result. Thus, we intervene from the design of your project to its completion: the first contact will be between you and our design office.

Our team will travel to carry out a thermal balance that will allow us to understand your energy needs and, thus, offer you an air-conditioned offer adapted to your needs. We will also determine how to make your home energy efficient to avoid overconsumption and lower your energy bill.

Cambridge Heating and Cooling
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