Can we heal stomach ulcers with baking soda? Here are the tips

Baking soda is an alkaline substance that can be eaten. It can be used for gout caused by excessive gastric acid secretion or high uric acid in the body. With stomach pain and bloating caused by excessive gastric acid secretion, you can eat some baking soda appropriately. Baking soda has many effects. For example, soda powder can be used to clean teeth, it can be used to flavor some foods, and it can be used for the treatment of female fungal vaginitis.

For the treatment of stomach ulcers, baking soda is usually administered in its purest form. This form of treatment is more suitable for individuals who are prone to having acid reflux disease. It is primarily because baking soda is an important buffer that immediately neutralizes the stomach acid, thereby healing ulcers by preventing them from further acting on by the harmful and corrosive stomach acid. Although it is harmless, its use is discouraged in cases where there are no other available treatments for the disease. The following are some tips to use baking soda to heal stomach ulcers.

Avoid drinking

People with gastric ulcers should not eat spicy and irritating foods. You can’t eat sweets and sour food, and you can’t smoke, drink, or drink strong tea at the same time. If gastric ulcers are associated with bleeding, the risk of rebleeding can be assessed by gastroscopy, which is relatively high. As the condition improves, it is necessary to abstain from eating, switch to a liquid diet, and gradually transition to a semi-liquid diet and soft food. Before the gastric ulcer is healed, try not to take some painkillers. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs treat rheumatoid diseases. There is a risk of bleeding. You should not take aspirin, warfarin, and other drugs.  

Focus on your diet

Patients with gastric ulcers should eat regularly and lightly, chew slowly, and eat seventy full. After a meal, you should massage your abdomen properly or exercise non-greasy, spicy, cool irritating food, strong tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, tobacco, and wine, and eat more foods rich in vitamin C. Food should eat whole grains, crude fiber food, rice porridge, and other foods to help heal the ulcer surface. In addition, such as gas-producing food potatoes and onions need to be eaten less, and finally pay attention to the warmth of the stomach. 

Use baking soda to heal stomach ulcer

If you know that you are prone to having acid reflux, then it is better to start with the use of baking soda in its purest form before you try anything else. Many people use baking soda for ulcers. One effective way to administer this medical remedy is by using baking soda capsules. The active ingredient found in this type of baking powder is sodium bicarbonate. This substance is usually found in baking soda. In this method, the powder is dissolved in water which is then slowly imbibed by a vein.

Once the ulcer has healed, the next step is to apply the baking soda to the affected part so that the acid level reduces. Usually, doctors prefer this ulcer treatment over surgery since it does not usually lead to any surgical complications. There are many products that are sold over the counter which contain baking soda. However, before taking any of them, it is best to consult your doctor or naturopathic experts since some of these products may have ulcer-causing components.

Final words

Although the effects of baking soda are still being experimented with, it has already proven to be a useful addition to the nutrition pantry. If used in small amounts, it can help in maintaining the balance of the pH level in the stomach. It can also prevent indigestion by neutralizing the effects of gastric acid. With these benefits, it is definitely a wonder product.

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