Check Credit Score Online Vs. App: Which One is Better?

The three-digit credit score is considered the most important thing for getting a loan or making a transaction on credit. It shows the lender your ability to pay the debt amount on time. Therefore, if you want to get the benefits of credit, you must know the ways to check your CIBIL score online.

The technological advancement through internet access has made the process of checking CIBIL score convenient. Today multiple websites and mobile applications are available to check credit score for free. However, they both have different features and require you to follow different steps for a credit check.

Let’s find out more about these options to determine which is better. 

What is Your Credit Score?

It is a 3-digit number that depicts your creditworthiness and instils your lender’s trust in you. This score summarises your debt repayment history, previous defaults, and financial behaviour. Your bank sends the information of your loans, payment of instalments, or valuable purchases to CIBIL, which converts this information into a numerical value.

When you apply for financial credit, the score provided by CIBIL reflects your ability to repay the amount on time. Moreover, a higher credit score increases your chances of getting the loan amount at a negotiable interest rate.

Different Ways to Check Credit Score Online

Internet access in every part of the country has led to the development and availability of various websites and CIBIL score app to perform credit checks. These methods don’t require you to step out of the house to get your score or credit report. By having a laptop or a mobile phone with a good internet connection, you can easily visit the website or application from any convenient location. However, they have significant differences in their features, which are discussed below.

Features of Websites for Credit Score Check

There are multiple websites for CIBIL score checks. You need to visit these websites and enter all your credentials like ID number, phone number, email address, etc., and then fill in the OTP you receive on your registered mobile number to get your score. In addition, these websites come with the following features:

  • They are accessible from a laptop and a smartphone. 
  • The websites take more time to show the data as they need to retrieve them from the internet server.  
  • You need to enter your credentials every time you perform a credit check. Although it is time-consuming, it ensures greater security from mishandling of data.
  • Using public wifi for website credit checks can be a little unsafe for account security.

Features of CIBIL Score App

To use the CIBIL score app, you need to download and install it from the Play store or App store. Further, the app requires you to enter your CIBIL credentials, and the OTP sent on the registered mobile number. After completing these steps, you can get access to your credit score. TheĀ  CIBIL score app comes with the following features:

  • They are accessible only on mobile phones.
  • These apps store all the data locally. Therefore, it takes them little time to retrieve, which makes the process quick and accurate.
  • CIBIL score app doesn’t need you to enter your credentials every time you log in. This adds to your convenience of credit score checks.
  • Using public wifi for the CIBIL score app doesn’t cause any data breaches.


The websites and mobile applications have different features and benefits for performing a credit score check. You can choose any of these methods according to your preferences for checking your score for free. However, both these credit checking methods help determine a fault or error in the data. Therefore, you must keep checking your score at timely intervals to ensure all the data provided by the credit bureau are correct.

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