Common basement renovation mistakes to avoid

The basement is regarded as the most critical area to hide all the clutter. It rightly serves the purpose of a storeroom and can be best used to store all the items you are not currently using. A house with a fine basement attracts many potential buyers and puts a spike on the house’s overall value. The way you want to use your basement is your personal choice, but if you think of converting it into a livable space, you undoubtedly think of remodelling your basement. A finished and renovated basement can provide excellent returns on the current investment.

Putting your time and money in the basement of your house, you will be able to see a lot of new changes that can make your basement look even more spacious. You can create lighting arrangements in your basement while going for basement renovations. You also have to see that the moisture level in your basement stays under control so that there is no possibility of mold infestation in your basement. The first thing to do when opting for basement renovation is to finish the walls using some creative colours so that when the need arises, you can use them as a living space.

Basements of the house are multifunctional living spaces, but while deciding to go for basement renovation, there are a lot of errors that the homeowners can commit. These can be very expensive mistakes and cannot be undone. We must also conduct good research to avoid these mistakes. Here are some common basement renovation mistakes that must be avoided:

Avoid making small rooms: You might consider yourself lucky if you have a basement in your house. A basement in your home means that you have a place to keep things in an organized manner. If you create tiny rooms in your basement, it is useless and brings you no benefits. It will just be an eyesore, and you will not store the things effectively. To make your basement look large and spacious, always try revamping it in a very creative way and avoid confining it into smaller rooms.

Controlling the moisture level: An underground space of your house will be damper and moisture-laden. The moisture in your basement will make its way of not making proper ventilation arrangements. So if you are going for basement renovation, you must not leave it unfinished and go for the waterproof protection method under the slabs. The aim of doing this is to create a very controlled temperature inside the basement. If the moisture is not kept under control, you will see the molds growing in the basement, which will eat up the entire structure.

Building codes: You have to understand that an unfinished basement is of no use and will add no value to your house. If you are not making all the arrangements to make it a livable space, you are putting yourself into a big problem. Before going for basement renovation, you have to keep in mind all the guidelines and work according to them. You have to check the building code and obtain all the necessary permits so that you don’t have to pay any liability in the future.

Floor plan: Once you are done creating the design of your basement and the number of rooms you want in it, you have to become alert while installing the flooring. A poor floor plan can spoil almost all things. So you must spend some time before deciding the type of flooring you want for your basement. You can also consult with a contractor who can guide you on this matter and present a list of all the flooring options in your budget.

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