Consulting a plastic surgeon online

Last winter I was planning to have a rhinoplasty to have a smaller nose and treat its deviation. But as I am living and studying in the USA, I couldn’t have it done there, so I asked my mom to check if there is an available plastic surgeon in Dubai who can perform my rhinoplasty.

She called Novomed centers at Al–Ain and asked them about the available plastic surgeons at their clinics during February, as I will be back in the UAE end of January. They gave her a list of available plastic surgeons during this period, and she called to book an appointment. But the doctor told her that he needs to check with me about the problem and discuss the goals of the surgery. Also, he needed to check my nose’s shape to assess its condition. My mom told him that I am in the USA right now, and he will have to wait till January or February.

So the plastic surgeon suggested having an online consultation with me while being in the USA. My mom was a little bit surprised because she didn’t know that something like this may help. The doctor explained to her that it will be a video call consultation, while he is sitting in his clinic and me sitting in my room. During this consultation, he can check my nose on camera, ask me a few questions about my medical history, and discuss the goals of the surgery. Also, I will be able to ask him any question I want and he will be ready to answer all of them.

My mom liked the idea and called me immediately to check with me if I will be interested in having an online doctor consultation with the plastic surgeon. Actually, I didn’t know that telemedicine is applied at Novomed, so I agreed to her suggestion, and she asked me to book my online consultation on the Novomed website.

So, I booked, and had my consultation with the doctor the next day, in the afternoon. It was really amazing, the doctor could see clearly my nose shape, and he confirmed that rhinoplasty would be beneficial. So when I came to the UAE, all I had to do is to have an X-ray for my nose, and some medical tests, and then I did the surgery. It was really a success! Telemedicine really eased the process!

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