Cure The Symptoms Of Dry Eyes With A Warm Eye Mask!

Prolonged screen exposure and extended working hours of individuals have led them to a variety of illnesses, including dry eyes. Dry eye is a common condition, especially among adults who spend most of their time working on smart devices. To cure the symptoms of dry eyes without getting onto medication, various manufacturers have launched warming eye masks. Even the doctor these days recommends using warming eye masks for curing the symptoms of dry eyes. 

Individuals who regularly use dry eye masks witnessed a significant relief in the symptoms like irritation or redness of the eyes. The heated eye mask is specially designed to boost eye hydration and treat the underlying causes of dry eyes. Full-coverage warming eye mask covers the upper part of the face and effectively radiates the head down to the eyelids. Keep reading through to understand when and how you can use a dry eye mask to relieve various symptoms. 

Why should you use a warming eye mask?

The dysfunction of the meibomian gland is known to cause dry eyes. When the condition occurs, the meibomian glands fail to produce enough oil in the eye glands leading to inadequate production of tears. 

Individuals suffering from dry eye syndrome highly appreciate using a warming eye mask. It helps to relieve the symptoms by improving hydration, increasing oil production, and certainly reducing inflammation. Using a heated dry eye mask as prescribed helps to increase oil production by trapping in the moisture and improving hydration. 

In addition, inflammation in the eyes for hormonal imbalance can also cause dry eyes and the associated symptoms. 

What are the symptoms of dry eyes?

  1. Peeling off scratchiness in and around the eyes
  2. Burning sensation
  3. Stinging feeling in the eyes 
  4. Redness
  5. Irritation 
  6. Feeling like something is bothering your eyes
  7. Excessive watering
  8. Vision impairment or blurry vision
  9. Mucus secretion in or near the eyes
  10.  Light sensitivity 

A heated eye mask works effectively in improving dryness, redness, and other associated symptoms. It can also ease the pain or muscle spasms in and around the eyes, thus making you feel relaxed and calm.  

Why heating therapy rather than cold for dry eyes?

There are a variety of factors that makes a warming eye mask better than a cold compress, such as:

  1. A heated mask prevents the tears from evaporating as soon as they are formed.
  2. Heating therapy of a heated mask improves blood circulation in and around the eyes. This not only relaxes your eyes and mind but also enhances your vision. 
  3. The heating effect also thins gland oils to improve the drainage.
  4. It relaxes and calms the eyes and brain, allowing you to shed off distress from a hectic day.
  5. The heating therapy of a warming eye mask contributes to a comfortable and sound sleep. This is why individuals suffering from insomnia for sleeplessness highly appreciate using a heated eye mask before going to bed. 
  6. The heating effect works better than the cold compress to unblock the glands, relieving the stiffness and swollen eyes. 

How can you clean and maintain your warming eye mask?

While using a heated eye compress, note that your eyes are delicate or sensitive, and you cannot apply anything to them. Keep your mask warm and avoid making it hot by using boiling water. Using extremely hot water can damage the thin and sensitive skin around your eyelids. Furthermore, Make it a habit to clean your eye mask after each use to prevent the spread of infection.

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