Custom Boxes Available in High-Quality Coting with Waterproof Printing

Custom Boxes Wholesale

Custom boxes – The world has been evolving into more personalized patterns. Appreciation of products is dependent on their packaging these days. In earlier times, the quality of the product was enough for excellent sales. You can make your product like custom sleeve boxes prominent on the shelves of the market among all the other competitive brands just because of its packaging. Social and digital media has made the promotion of deserving product easier. All industries need to improve their packaging since gone are the days when people would buy things with poor packaging or even unpackaged. Some of the trademarks that are improving their presentation skills with eloquent boxes include household items, crockery, cosmetics, electronics, decorative items, apparel, and many more.

Every industry can grow its sales drastically with individualized custom boxes. Packaging companies are introducing creative styles for maximum sales. We deliver the custom boxes in your ideal design with the best services.

Increase the Brand Visibility

Influencers and bloggers put up posts and admire the elegance of the packaging. In this way, your product can become a hot sensation and people would buy it for the perfect packaging.

Unlike other packaging companies who are charging separately for each customizable feature, we provide custom boxes at economical prices. Expensive custom boxes may change the interface of a brand but are unaffordable for most struggling and small businesses. We provide huge discounts especially on wholesale to enable more of the companies to make remarkable progress in sales.

Bulk buying sales are targeted to be enhanced as they are benefitting both parties of the deal. it is known to save the time of the manufactures as well as the buyers spent on handling and management. Gross production helps to enlarge the profit margin on each custom boxes as well.

Playful Printing with Hi-tech Features

Bring the attention of every passing by to your product with the help of colorful custom pillow boxes. We print the custom boxes all over in one solid color with mono-color printing or a blend of attractive hues with PMS or CMYK printing. All latest print technologies are offered to the client for competent printed packaging. AQ coating makes the box water-proof while targeted texture addition is done by spot UV coating. The finishing of the box leaves a memorable impression on the customer and can be matte or glossy create by the respective lamination sheet.

Gold and silver foiling is used for extravagant presentation and we allow the client to choose the font style for descriptive text. Product details are explained along with printed manufacturing details in contrasting colors. Tagline and logo in the clear field can be highlighted with features like embossing, debossing, or raised ink can be used. Images and drawings according to the product are selected by a team of experts who offer their professional design for each brand free of cost.

Innovative Designing

Today customers demand thoughtful display. Companies are struggling to improve their marketing and custom-packaging is one of the biggest sources to expand a business.

The style of the custom boxes makes a difference in packaging. We innovatively change the shape and style of the custom boxes. A box can be made in any size, conventional small, medium, large, or any custom measurements provided. Each product can be packed in a different style of the box as per the following:

  • Lid and base type of the box
  • Sleeve box
  • Pillow box
  • Front tuck double-layered box
  • Reverse tuck box
  • Auto-lock bottom box
  • 2,3-piece set-up box
  • Ribbon pulls out drawer box
  • Clamshell box 

Modifications by the client are welcomed and are incorporated into the design. Accessories, ribbons add beauty to the box while handles are known for convenience. Inserts with silk lining can be made.

Ecologically Safe Boxes

The best reason to opt for these custom boxes is their eco-friendly nature. Quick decomposition of these custom boxes is done by bacteria and fungi. They are converted into loam by the process known as biodegradation. They do not harm the ecosystem as they do not emit any toxic gases during recycling.

Premium Standard Packaging

Most of the renowned brands might compromise on styling but they always prefer the top-notch custom boxes in quality. We deliver premium quality custom boxes in different styles that are durable for storage and delivery of products. Breathable custom boxes secure the product from dirt and moisture. 

Custom boxes are made from strong materials such as cardboard, boxboard, kraft paper, wood pulp, e-fluted corrugated material, or paper stock. They are capable of protecting the packed goods from external conditions. Boxes keep their shape and corners and do not get crushed even when stacked or during transportation. No weather or temperature changes can affect the product inside the custom boxes.

Implausible Services 

Reliably flat or assembled custom boxes, as per the demand of the client are delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world. On-time and fastest turnaround services make the delivery within 4-8 working days. A tracking ID is assigned to each consignment for easy trailing.

We offer all day and night customer representative services. All queries are responded to immediately without any discrimination. Satisfaction of the consumers is guaranteed by exchanging ideas and approval of custom templates.


We are offering graceful boxes that can be used to package any product. Multi-purpose custom boxes are made in creative designs and can be altered as per the choice of the client.

We provide excellent facilities for the customers to have a smoother experience. Shipment is taken care of and huge discounts and deals are also being provided. Ecologically safe material is used which is sturdy and is ideal for long storage of products. Food boxes are approved by FDA.

The accessible website has revolutionized buying. Quotation for specific orders can be obtained by visiting the updated website. Customer care services work 24/7 to make the deal better and simple.

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