What are the Uses of Custom Retail Boxes?

The packaging is an essential part of product marketing and selling. Nothing sells without a box. Retail boxes are used to pack the products to send it to wholesalers and retailer to be displayed in the shop and to make it to the top and front shelf. It is necessary to have a unique and outstanding packaging that attract the attention of the customers from far away.

If you think the packaging is just putting the product in a case with a company and product name on it, then you are wrong. Things like the weight of the product that had to be put in the container, type, and nature of product if it’s fragile or sturdy, to what kind and age of people you are going to sell your product are strictly checked and then the decision is made about what kind of containment must be used.

How are they made?

These are made up of paperboard that is customarily known as cardboard my most of the people. Cardboard is widely used for packaging solution of all kind. There are different grades of cardboard, depending on the quality and strength of the box.

Folding cartons: Most commonly used packages seen everywhere in the stores like a cereal box is a folding carton, also known as paperboard cartons.

Corrugated: These are those standard brown cartons you use for packing your belongings while moving from one place to another. They are strong enough to hold heavy stuff, not so heavy though.  They are famously known as cardboard cartons.

Rigid: They are also called set-up boxes. It is the highest grade of cardboard. They are sturdier than others and do not fold or collapse.

Variety in grade makes it suitable for various purposes as;


The first use of these cartons is to contain a product is something that can be representable in front of the people and can be moved around easily. A product goes through a delivery process before reaching its final place and to keep it neat and untouched packing is necessary to keep the quality high.


Custom printed retail boxes make the perfect display cases that convey the message or idea behind your product. It helps in reaching the target audience without an extra effort for advertising if you have designed these beasts properly by utilizing the latest technology that allows you to choose the color, shape, size, and design of your choice to represent your brand with full potential.


It is necessary for your product to reach its final destination safely and in one piece with its box without being crushed or deformed. These cartons are perfect for keeping the product safe, intact, and in one piece keeping the appearance of the box.


Fiberboard cartons are best for shipping products from factory to wholesaler or retailer. They are sturdy and durable due to which they can carry heavy stuff to the extent without breaking or opening.

Perfectly designed retail boxes can fulfill all the packaging purposes without failing. It mostly depends on the need of the brand how much and what type of carton they need. To bring it to full use, choose the one that you actually need instead of going for the one most demanded. That may be better and expensive, but if it does not do what it was made for, it is useless.

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