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Debunking myths about solid hardwood flooring

Flooring in the house is the most significant element that plays a crucial role in enhancing the house’s overall look. The homeowners have to conduct a lot of research before establishing floors in their homes and have to make sure the flooring options they choose are durable and withstand the test of time. The flooring you choose for your house should be able to set a refined tone for every room. It should not only stand out in terms of style but add value to the property. If your home’s flooring options are solid and durable, you will have to spend less on maintenance and cleanliness. 

When we dive into the various flooring options, we find that solid hardwood floors are one of a kind. They are becoming the most popular choice of every homeowner because of their features and affordability. Solid hardwood floors can create a perfect blend with all types of interiors, and you don’t have to worry about their regular cleaning. One of the most satisfactory things about solid hardwood floors is that they don’t fade away quickly. Even if they see frequent spills, they will be just as brand new as they were with regular mopping. They are virtually ideal for all types of rooms because the solid hardwood floors complement even the vintage furniture. 

Despite being educated and having a lot of knowledge about the various home improvement projects, many people have misconceptions about solid hardwood flooring. Typically whatever people believe about this type of flooring is false, but they still believe it. So, here are some of the typical misconceptions about solid hardwood floors:

They are very expensive: There are multiple styles of flooring options available, but hardwood floors are the most popular choice of every homeowner. If the hardwood floors are correctly installed and taken care of, they can last for generations. Customers often have a very wrong notion that hardwood floors are costly. But the case is very different as the hardwood floors fall into various categories. Not all hardwood floors are expensive, and they are affordable. They have a significant impact on boosting the overall value of the property. 

Hardwood floors are not flexible: Another misconception about hardwood floors is that they are unsuitable for high-traffic areas. People believe you should never install solid hardwood floors if you have a busy household. But in reality, if you take a look around, you will see that the historic homes have hardwood floors installed for hundreds of years. They are ideal for very the busiest households. Solid hardwood floors are suitable for almost every look, and if you can install them everywhere, may it be the kitchen or the living room of your house. These floors require heavy maintenance: If someone has told you ever in your life that hardwood floors have to be taken care of regularly, this is a pure lie. Hardwood floors are straightforward to clean, and you can mop them or vacuum them with a microfiber piece of cloth. For periodic cleaning purposes, you can use a very gentle soap for cleaning purposes.

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