Definition of Tax Accountant for Small Business

Who are Tax Accountants?

Tax accountants prepare and maintain important financial reports in a small business organization. They prepare tax returns and ensures taxes are paid properly on time. Tax Accountants determine tax strategies. They arrange audits with taxation authorities. Accounting is a business that deals with income and tracks expenses efficiently.  Calculate your expenses from Tax accountants for small Business. An Accountant calculates how much tax one should pay and how to finance future tax payments. They decide on which tax works best for your business. Tax accounting focuses on tax returns and payment. An Accountant works on public financial statement.

Types of Accounting:

There are three types of Accounting: Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting and Financial accounting.

Five Roles of Accounting:

The five roles of accounting are:

  • Control of financial policy
  • Preparation of budget
  • Cost control
  • Employee performance
  • Prevention of errors.

Branches of Accounting:

Financial accounting, Management accounting, Cost accounting, Tax Accounting, Auditing, Forensic accounting, Fiduciary accounting and Fund accounting are the different branches of Accounting.  

Different types of tax accountant:

Taxes are calculated on the basis of Direct and Indirect taxes. Direct Tax are filed and paid by an individual directly to the government. Indirect Tax are taxes that are transferred to another entity.

Tax accounting is a part of accounting. It involves preparation of tax returns along with tax payments. Tax accounting calculates individual income, deduction, donation and investment gain in a business. Tax accounting is used by individuals, and business organization. According to standard business accounting rules, tax expense is what an entity owns in a Taxes. If the taxes expense is higher than tax liability, it is called as deferred tax liability.

What is a Tax?

A tax is a mandatory fee or financial charge that are levied by any government, individual or organization. It is for collecting revenue for public works. Get best facilities and infrastructure from tax collected. 

Objective of Taxation:

Government collect money through tax and use it for financial and social projects. Government contributes to the health sector for social healthcare, and medical research. The main objective of taxation is to fund government expenditure for economic development.

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