Designing Tips For Custom Candle Boxes For Business


Candles hold significant importance, especially when it comes to celebrating different occasions. They are a necessary part of every household and practically a perfect gift to enlighten your event. Candles add glam and ambiance to a dull-looking place. Whenever you think of purchasing candles, you will be triggered up which brand to buy. It is tough to make the right decision among hundreds of similar-looking items on shelves. Well-designed candle boxes can make a good contribution in this regard.

They are an effective way to judge the quality of the product. A candle box provides necessary information about the Manufacturer’s Company and helps to set your brand apart from the competition. It communicates your vision to the customers. However, you have to design candle boxes exceptionally to get the maximum output. This article will find several tips for creating perfect candle boxes for your business. They will result in an increase in your sales as well as brand recognition:

Start With Creating A Box That Fits

 The packaging manufacturers offer plenty of designs for candle boxes. However, the primary consideration to be kept in mind is to choose a pack that fits. Candles are delicate products. Therefore, selecting a package that best includes your product is necessary. For this, you will have to consider the size of your candles and then finalize the box dimensions. A right-sized packaging will make your candles fit in perfectly with minimal movement, thus providing maximum protection to your products. Furthermore, you may also personalize the shape of your candle boxes according to the requirement. 

Use Premium-Quality Material For Best Result

Material is another important factor that significantly affects the sale of your candle boxes wholesale. A good and durable choice can help create high-quality candle packaging for your brand. Cardboard is the most preferred choice to design a wide range of packaging products these days. The material is lightweight and robust enough to maintain the shape of the box. Even if it comes across external pressure, jerks, or any mishandling during the transition, it helps keep your candles damage-free. You may also use built-in inserts to enhance the level of protection. The more resilient material you choose, the more valuable it proves for shipping. If you go for cardboard, you can create highly durable candle boxes at a reasonable price.          

Create An Appealing Box With A Right Design

As we all know, candles come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, and so do their packaging boxes. If you consult an excellent packaging manufacturer, he will provide you with an array of choices. However, you can create a personalized design depending on the type of candles. Some of the popular box styles include:

  1. Sleeve boxes. 
  2. Two-piece boxes. 
  3. Tuck-end boxes. 
  4. Bottom closure boxes
  5. Gable boxes
  6. Flip-top boxes
  7. Window boxes. 
  8. Die-Cut Boxes.
  9. Mailer boxes. 

In addition to it, you may also experiment with the shape of the box. For example, if your candles are round, you may introduce little spherical boxes with an interactive opening. In the case of long cylindrical candles, you may go for cylindrical containers to make them perfectly fit in. Whatever style you go for, it should be convenient to use. It should provide customers with a fantastic unboxing that makes them remember your brand for a long. 

Set Your Packaging Apart By Using Personalized Printing

Once you have created a perfect box style for presenting your adorable candles, the next important tip is to make them aesthetically appealing by using high-quality printing. Digital and offset printing are the two most commonly used options to design candle packaging these days. They can give a fascinating look to your boxes, making them stand out from the crowd. Using top-notch printing, you can create a perfect mix of various design elements. The proper use of colors, typography, graphics, and artistic designs is all a customer wants. Remember to include your brand’s logo as it is an essential part of your overall candle packaging design. 

Think About Special Themes And Finishing Effects

Some manufacturers love experimenting with new themes according to the nature of the occasion to boost their brand’s visibility. For example, you may go for limited edition boxes if it’s the Christmas season. Design them in green and red along with the related images to create a true essence. CMYK and PMS are the two available color models. They make you experiment with various color combinations that suit your candles best. In addition to it, you may also use unique add-ons like embossing, debossing, foil stamping, gloss/matte lamination, and die-cutting, etc., to give a high-end look to your packaging. They elevate your candle box design and make it look luxurious without spending extra money.

Never Keep Your Amazing Candles Hidden

To make your candle boxes wholesale more innovative and unique, to need to attract more buyers to generate maximum sales. You can arouse the customers’ interest in your products by providing them a glimpse of your unique candles. Create a little PVC window or add an exciting die-cut to let customers see through the packages. In this way, they can get an idea about how their candles look.

Enhance The Functionality Of Candle Boxes

The functional packaging to use proves to be at the top of customers’ minds. No matter how adorably you have designed your candle boxes, adding some feature that enhances their functionality is the key to success. It can be a built-in insert, a handle, a double covering box, a package that remains the part of the product, or anything else. Furnishing your custom candle boxes in this way is the best way to give good exposure to your brand.

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