DHA MULTAN : An Overview For You 

Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad already have their own DHA, which is the defense housing authority. DHA was initially only armed force members; however, it has made its name in the real estate market due to the way it is organized and managed. In all these three cities, DHA is counted as an elite neighborhood, and demand for plots there has grown significantly over the years. Multan is now all set to finally have its own DHA. Read below to find out all the important details and updates regarding DHA Multan. 

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 DHA Multan is located near GT road at Bosan Road Multan. It is located at one of the most prime locations of Multan, with most of the major roads passing by it. It strategically connects with the entire city, providing convenience to its residents by making travel easier. It is spread over a vast area and has a marital road on the other side. Having entrance gates at both these points has made itself extremely accessible.

Owners of DHA Multan

DHA does not have a single owner and comes under the armed forces. Senior members of the armed forces manage it. The chairperson of DHA Multan is General Muhammad Naeem Ashraf. It is being developed in collaboration with a few other contractors that are well-known for their work. Moreover, DHA Multan is working with ProMag, a consulting company, and has big projects under their name, both national and international, including the Emaar buildings in Karachi.

Facilities provided by DHA Multan 

DHA Multan promises its residents a high living standard by providing several facilities. It is a gated community to ensure that it is safe and keep the crime rate at its minimum. Multan is a big city however it has not been developed properly. With its modern infrastructure and clean environment, DHA Multan will stand to be one of the most luxurious living areas in Multan. Moreover, the authorities focus on making it nature-friendly to construct a clean environment for its residents.

DHA Multan master plan

The master plan has been developed by experts in their field and holds years of experience. The city has been divided into several sectors to make management easier. Districts include Multan villas, Nursery, golf course, and Askari Housing. There is a DHA Multan Central Square and an education city. Maps of the sectors have been published and can be viewed online.

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Benefits of Investing in DHA Multan

DHA Multan aims to bring a high standard of living into Multan, significantly underdeveloped compared to other major cities. The city ensures that all necessities of life are provided with several luxuries. DHA Multan has its sewerage plant along with water and gas pipelines. It has its hospitals that are modernly built and equipped with the latest machinery. DHA Multan also has several recreational areas, including a shopping mall, a cinema, and an indoor sports complex.

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Previous Projects of DHA

DHA has projects in all the major cities of Pakistan, including Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, and Lahore. DHA Lahore was their first project and was initially only made for army members. However, due to the remarkable success of this project, they opened it for normal people and expanded it. DHA has a strict set of rules that its members need to follow. These rules and their proper implementation have allowed these projects to remain maintained.

Approval and Plot sizes

DHA Multan has secured a NOC and is now registered as a legal housing society. Therefore unlike other housing societies that open bookings beforehand and then later fail to get approval, your investments in DHA Multan will stay safe. There are different sizes of plots available that you can choose based on what best suits you, including 5,6, and 12 marlas. Along with residential plots, there are several commercial plots that you can also purchase. Buy plot in 1947 housing Islamabad


DHA Multan has all the features required to make it an ideal living location. Their previous projects stand as a testament to this claim. If you do not trust our words, you can physically visit DHA Multan and judge yourself. Most of the work has been done, and possessions are expected to be given. Not only is it an excellent residential area, but it also serves as a good investment opportunity as its value has constantly been increasing with time.

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